Reduce Your Employees' Financial Stress with a New Benefit Program

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Reduce You're Employees' Financial Stress with a New Benefit Program

Productive employees are able to stay focused, work efficiently and keep to the task at hand. Unfortunately, some employees are struggling with life’s inevitable challenges and are less focused. In many cases, money and personal finances are causes at the top of the list. Employees may be worried about saving money, establishing budgets or learning how to live on their own. Help employees manage financial stress by offering a new and innovative benefit program. Best Money Moves can turn your stressed employees into productive, focused, and happy employees.

How Stressed Are Your Employees?

Tax season usually means employees are either excited at the prospect of getting some money back or wondering how they are going to pay a tax bill. Just preparing taxes can be a big stressor and distracting to your employees. Unfortunately, these distractions have implications in the workplace. A distracted employee is likely to be less productive and more likely to make mistakes. It’s a difficult situation for everyone. However, you can play a role in reducing the level of stress that your employees experience when it comes to financial matters.

Make A Move to Reduce Financial Stress

Employers can now offer an innovative benefit to employees that will reduce their level of financial stress. Best Money Moves is a mobile-first service that employers purchase, then offer to employees as a free benefit. This award-winning mobile solution guides employees through solving financial problems quickly and easily.

Best Money Moves uses a point-based reward system that engages employees as they get the information they need to make financial-based decisions. All information entered by each employee is private. Employers don’t get to see any details for any employees at any time. Dashboards simply highlight the level of stress that an employee may be feeling and a combination of every employee’s stress level is totaled as a group. The group total is the only information available to employers.

The Stressometer ™ measures the level of financial stress for each employee using 14 categories. Employees can define the various things that are causing problems, then learn how to solve those pain points. The information that is offered to employees is easy to understand and follow. Employees will gain valuable insight and control over their own financial matters and learn how to manage their money. Should employees have complicated questions, they can access Money Coaches. Trained and accredited professionals are available to evaluate these specific situations and provide reliable guidance.

The point-based system makes the whole process of mastering financial managment both interesting and fun. As each employee logs into the program, enters information, reads articles and measures stress levels, they earn points. The points are captured on a leaderboard so employees can compete for points and a chance to win the next contest. Learning how to manage money through Best Money Moves is not only entertaining, it provides confidence and relief as employees learn how to gain control over personal financial matters.

Help Employees Put Their Best Foot Forward

A happy employee is a productive employee. Provide Best Money Moves, a cutting-edge service, to employees that offers information, encouragement and guidance to gain control over personal financial stress. Contact Integrity Data to learn more about Best Money Moves and how you can alleviate some of the stress that employees may be experiencing when it comes to financial issues.

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