How Distributors Can Save Thousands with the 4 P’s of Business Transformation

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One of the most remarkable benefits of ERP is that it can help an organization transform its business.

It is also a type of a transformation that does not have to break the bank like other, more costly methods would. Actually, with the right attention and implementation, ERP can actually help you save money with the 4 P’s of Effective Transformation: profitability, process, productivity and positioning.


The right ERP system can help you increase revenue and reduce cost. With a good ERP system, you can stay within your budget, reach ROI (return on investment) faster and lower overall costs. Cloud ERP in particular is a method of implementation that allows you to avoid the costly expenses of deployment.


Using ERP you can examine your business process and eliminate extraneous steps in order to be more efficient. ERP lets you holistically view processes and how they integrate with one another, identify any weak points and optimize the flow. The connectivity of Cloud ERP means departments interact with each other more efficiently and everyone has access to the same information. This leads to better accuracy and expediency when it counts.


ERP is great for analyzing performance in industries like manufacturing, distribution and many others. With real-time data always available, cloud ERP ensures communication and decisions can be made instantly when needed.


How a company is positioned in the marketplace matters. Cloud ERP projects an image of a well-organized and efficient business to customers. It looks more professional and modern when the parts of a business are intrinsically connected and operate smoothly.

For a more in-depth look at the 4 P’s of effective business transformation, including case studies, download the free white paper: “ERP: The 4 P’s of Effective Business Transformation”.

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