Don’t Stop the Flow: Managing a Job Shop

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When it comes to a job shop in manufacturing, we’re talking about a process in which small batches of a variety of custom products are made. In the job shop process flow, most of the products produced require a unique setup and sequencing of process steps – and the last thing you want is to slow this flow or watch it come to a screeching halt.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way first: Job shops usually relate to businesses that perform custom parts manufacturing for other businesses; however, examples of job shops include a wide range of business types – from a machine tool shop and machining center to a paint shop, commercial printing shop and other manufacturing entities that make custom products in small lot sizes.

If you fall into one of these classifications and have been looking to improve estimating and planning on your jobs so you can build customer loyalty and drive better profits, what you need is an ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics for Job Shops from DMS.

Give Your Operations a “Shot in the Arm”

Did you know that job shops are considered one of the earliest forms of manufacturing organization? Indeed, most manufacturers today began as job shops and grew into the other manufacturing processes as volume allowed. As one of the first structures for a manufacturer in the process life cycle, job shops are organized by process, wherein assembly lines or continuous flow operations are organized in a product layout.

Into this foray comes Microsoft Dynamics for Job Shops, which can be viewed as the consummate “shot in the arm” for your company’s operations. Now, you can boost efficiency and effectively manage production for engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order, build-to-order and make-to-stock job shops of all sizes while responding quickly to last-minute customer requests and changes. Not only that, but you can take advantage of new business opportunities to stay ahead of your competition.

Let’s take a quick look at Microsoft Dynamics for Job Shops’ benefits in a nutshell:

  • You can grow your business with confidence
  • You can improve customer service
  • You can expertly manage inventory
  • You can automate shop floor data collection and post transactions in real time to Microsoft Dynamics
  • You can reduce high overhead costs by streamlining worker time collection and payroll processing while eliminating manual time card and payroll data

Five Signs Your Business’ Growth is Being Hindered by a Current Management Systems (And Why You Need an ERP Like Microsoft Dynamics)

We get it. Your operations have reached a tipping point wherein the very systems used to manage your company’s growth have hindered their ability to act with insight and agility. Or, put more simply, you need more than fundamental bookkeeping, inventory, production and backward-looking reporting as your business grows and diversifies.

How can you tell that your account system is holding you back?

  • You can’t scale operations to support business growth
  • You can’t wrap your arms – or your head – around your business
  • You are reactive when you should be proactive
  • You can’t support a mobile workforce
  • You can’t meet customer expectations

But fear not, because DMS has the solution – Microsoft Dynamics for Job Shops.

What can Microsoft Dynamics for Job Shops offer you?

Job Shop Management

Configured to fit your business processes and order volume, DMS’s solution for job shops utilizes the best practices in Microsoft Dynamics to improve estimating/quoting, planning and suggested material purchases, shop floor or in-the-field labor collection, just-in-time inventory management, engineering change management and tracking/comparing of actual costs versus estimates.

Enhanced Customer Service

Strengthen relationships and maintain your competitive advantage by responding faster to customer expectations – all at the right time with the right information. Additionally, with Microsoft Dynamics, you will boost the accuracy of promised orders and respond quickly to customer queries concerning order status and delivery, plan rush orders immediately from the sales order, easily modify orders at any point in the production cycle and more.

Expert Inventory Management

We know that in manufacturing, the beating heart of every operation is inventory. As such, a Microsoft Dynamics solution better manages and forecasts your current inventory to lower overhead, reduce risk and better serve your customers. Through the magic of Dynamics for Shop Jobs, sales confidence will be increased related to what is in stock, worker productivity will go up by reducing in-stock search time, customer satisfaction will be improved due to on-time order deliveries and inventory overstock used to compensate for out-of-sync inventory control software will be reduced.

Shop Floor or Field Data Collection

Ready to do away with errors typically associated with manual data entry? Bar coding is the answer, and represents a solution that automates shop floor data collection and enables you to post real time transactions to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

If you’re ready to learn more about how your job shops process can benefit from a DMS ERP solution, visit today.

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