You need to know about the emerging trend: Transportation as a Service

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Within the automotive industry, a major current trend is Transportation as a Service (TaaS). A shift from personally owned modes of transportation towards mobility solutions that you can consume as a service.

There are new questions in this new world of mobility that include:

  • Why own modes of transportation when they are only used 20% of the time?
  • How can you attain more flexibility in transportation offerings whenever needed?
  • What are the unnecessary complexities and risks of owning means of transportation, for instance regarding service and maintenance?

The shift within the car rental industry

This shift is being fueled by a myriad of innovative new mobility service providers such as ride-sharing and e-hailing services, bike-sharing programs, and car-sharing services, on-demand "pop-up" bus services, and the anticipation of self-driving cars. All of these trends put into question the economic benefit of owning a personal car compared to using on-demand car services. The expectation is that it becomes significantly more affordable when cars can drive autonomously.

It is critical that your lease company is ready to incorporate these new models. Introducing these flexible models, your customers can handle it fairly easily, requires many enhancements in your mid-office and back-office, especially your ERP solution.

transportation as a service
A major current trend is Transportation as a Service (TaaS)

What DynaLease can do for you

DynaLease for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations delivers all the required flexibility to handle traditional rental lease offerings. As well as more advanced lease offerings. From private lease, fully operational lease and financial lease towards Transportation as a Service (TaaS), which HiGH Software identifies as the next big step in the mobility ERA.

The pressure’s on to go beyond traditional approaches to leasing and to offer customers innovative choices and options.

If you’d like to discuss DynaLease further, and get a personalized demo, please contact us at We’re happy to introduce this solution worldwide and give you the best of proven innovation, with a keen ear for your goals and plans. To learn more about our offerings and the industries we serve, visit

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