The Top Five Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP You Might Not Be Using – But Should Be

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If you’re a long-time user of Microsoft Dynamics GP, you may not have taken the time to learn about some of the newer features that have been added in the last few releases. These features can help save you time and make your job easier. You may even be asking yourself – why doesn’t GP do ______ - when in fact, it might!


  1. Paste Icons to Tool Bar for Shortcuts from Anywhere

This feature allows you to have instant access to the functionality you use the most from any screen.

Click Page Icon, check Standard Toolbar to Activate

Click Page Icon, Choose:  Toolbars> Customize


  • Choose Toolbar you want to add to
  • Navigate to what you want to add
  • Click OK


2. Copy and Paste to GL

This is the most popular feature to come out in GP in the last few releases and allows you to easily use the copy and paste functionality to input information into GP.


  • Format your spreadsheet in the following order:
  • Reference, Account, Debit, Credit
  • All rows must have a value
  • Debits MUST equal Credits
  • Copy the columns without the headings
  • Copy the data from the 4 columns in Excel
  • Click the Paste button
  • If there is a problem with the data, you will get an exception report
  • If the data is good, the transaction lines populate automatically!


3. Quick Journal Entries


A quick journal entry is used for entries that use the same group of accounts, but values change, and not all accounts are used each time.


  • Payroll entries from Outsourced Payroll
  • Sales entries from another system, such as a medical system

To set up this feature, go to Financial> Setup> Quick Journal


4.  Refund Checks


The refund check process has been simplified and you can now pay refunds from receivables to customers in one step.


  • Create a vendor from the customer file
  • Clear the credit balance on the receivables side
  • Create a payables transaction
  • Issue the check

To set up the refund check function, go to Sales> Setup> Refund Checks

To create the refund check:

Sales> Transactions> Refund Checks

  • Enter Batch
  • Select Specific documents or all customer with credit balances or specific customer
  • Click Create Vendor
  • Click Process

After clicking process, a debit memo is created in receivables and entries are posted.   Then it moves to payables and creates the voucher and takes you to Print Check (if that is how you chose to do it in setup).



5. Easily issue collection letters with the Word letter writing assistant

The letter writing assistant can be accessed from Reports or SmartLists. You can use existing letters or create new letters. Additionally, you have the ability to modify any letter that you generate.

Use Existing Letters, Modify or create New Letters

  • Choose Letter Type
  • Then choose all customers or a Smart List, or a range of customers
    • For collections, choose the balance bucket and have a special letter for each





Choose the customers you want to receive a letter



No matter how long you have been using GP, there are always new features to learn about after each new release. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 is the latest version. Stay up to date on what’s going on with GP by signing up for Stoneridge Software's monthly newsletter or register for one of our upcoming webinars.

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