PLATFORM EXCLUSIVE - Subscription Billing for Dynamics NAV Handles ASC 606

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Binary Stream has Subscription Billing for Dynamics NAV!


Learn about the great features of our Subscription Billing solution for Dynamics NAV:


Subscription Billing can be easily extended to cover the entire quote-to-cash process. Our solution seamlessly pulls the relevant customer contract details into Dynamics ERP. It also makes collections less painful and more financially rewarding. The Subscription Billing customer web portal allows customers to self-serve by viewing invoices and remitting online credit card payments.


Subscription Billing handles even the most complex pricing strategies – subscription charges (recurring monthly, annually or at any user-defined frequency including pro-rated periods); one-time fees such as for initial set-up; metered or usage-based fees such as time or amount consumed; prices that change based upon volume tiers; milestone billing; and many other methods. Evergreen billing can be set up to automatically renew at the end of a term.

Replacing cumbersome manual processes and error-prone spreadsheets with Subscription Billing automation leads to a better experience for your customers. Move beyond invoicing mistakes that erode your customers’ confidence. Give customers the flexibility to be charged in the way that works best for their situation. Some customers like to pay monthly while others like annual.

Subscription Billing manages your revenue allocations so you can confidently and efficiently comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15. Define your items’ fair value prices and let the system automatically generate the revenue allocations for each and every invoice or contract. And, because all of this information is already in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the invoices flow directly to the appropriate accounts in the GL.


Subscription Billing efficiently builds and tracks your recognition schedules–including at the line item level–right inside your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Set up your deferral accounts by customer, item and vendor and track contract information separate from deferral schedules. Cancellations, reclassifications, and adjustments are handled with ease. No longer are you forced to post to a future period.

With the Subscription Billing Suite, all of your key financial information is right inside your Dynamics ERP making reporting a breeze. Stay on top of your firm’s performance in real-time with insightful reports including monthly recurring revenue, periodic revenue recognition, new contract sales, total contract revenue, waterfall, or create your own custom reports. Accurately forecast revenues and expenses, and quickly produce your GL reconciliation to satisfy audit requirements.

As with all Binary Stream solutions, Multi-Entity Management can be deployed in the Cloud, in a hosted environment or on-premise as part of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Flexible pricing options include perpetual licensing and monthly subscriptions. Additionally, since Subscription Billing Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can easily extend the solution to incorporate front-end billing credit card processing, sales tax processing, advanced commission handling, and much more.


Visit our website to learn about how our Subscription Billing for Dynamics NAV can improve your billing efficiency.



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