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Did you know Property Management can create a revenue share on an invoice?

When an invoice is created for an escalation line, a revenue share is generated when the start and end escalation period dates lie between the start and end dates for the salesperson, which is set in the Revenue Sharing ID on the Revenue Sharing Schedule Maintenance window.

To create a revenue share on an invoice follow these steps:

  1. In the Revenue Sharing Schedule Maintenance window (Cards > Property Management > Revenue Lease > Revenue Sharing), create a Revenue Sharing ID.
  2. Select one or more Salesperson IDs that have associated Vendor ID
  3. Select the Start and End Dates for each salesperson. The start and end dates for the salesperson determine whether the commissions for the salesperson are created for the invoice.
  4. In the Revenue Lease Charge window for the charge ID being invoiced, attach the Revenue Sharing ID.
  5. Post the invoice so that it becomes available in the Revenue Sharing–AP Invoice Creator


When processing the posted invoice, a payables transaction is created for the vendor, with the commission amount.


Written by Maria Louie, Marketing Specialist, Binary Stream Software


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