Why Integrated ERP and CRM Systems Are Key to SMB Growth

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By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of ERP and CRM systems and what they can do for your business. But, did you know, that’s only half the story? If you’re using ERP and CRM systems that are separate from one another to run your business, you are making your job much more difficult than it needs to be and leaving yourself open to costly mistakes.

Maintaining two systems means that your important customer and financial data stays siloed, so getting a full picture of your customer interactions and how they affect your financial performance means reentering data multiple times and using time-consuming workarounds.

For all but the smallest of organizations this really hurts productivity and slows growth. Because decision-makers do not have easy access to the data they need, opportunities can easily fall through the cracks. And, SMB’s who want to be competitive can't afford to let even a single opportunity slip through their fingers. Also, when your finances are not tightly linked to marketing and sales data, it is difficult to get a handle on how your marketing is affecting the bottom line.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Although there are many ERP and CRM systems that work separately from one another, there are also some options that come integrated right out of the box.


Benefits of an integrated ERP and CRM system

  • Improved collaboration – Since everyone has access to a single version of the truth, they are all on the same page always. No one wonders whether the information they are looking at is up to date or wastes time collecting data from multiple sources.
  • Better decision-making – Because data from sales to finance is tied together in one system, you can see how everything you do affects the bottom line without creating custom reports. That way, you can quickly make decisions that are based on data rather than simple gut feel.
  • Time and cost savings – With a connected, ERP and CRM solution, you no longer must rely on time-consuming workarounds, or build an expensive custom integration to bring the systems together.


In fact, businesses that choose fully integrated business systems see on average 29% more revenue growth than those who have a partially integrated system and 40% more growth than those who have no integration at all.

Learn more about how and why a connected ERP and CRM system can benefit your business. Download the SMB Group white paper, Integrated Business Solutions, Helping SMB’s Keep Pace with Customers.

Ready to move from your disconnected ERP and CRM systems to one that is integrated? Contact us today to explore your options.


By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica partner


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