Capitalize on the OpEX Advantage: Upgrade your GP to the cloud

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With cloud adoption increasing at a phenomenal rate, companies have started to notice that they have more to gain for less. In the past, companies have succumbed to the pressure of investing in infrastructure, which meant huge capital expenditure outlays. The legacy applications become redundant and the business has to adapt to current market dynamics and requirements.

This is especially the case for Dynamics GP users. They need to upgrade to newer versions of SQL and Operating Systems. This requires new hardware or servers to be in place before upgrading their software, which is a considerable decision to make—along with the cost of upgrading. Apart from this, traditional on-premise setup or running GP locally on your internal network has its own bottlenecks. You control every aspect of the implementation blocking your valuable resources from working on other productive tasks. This also limits the agility, ability and flexibility to adapt to the current business conditions, spiking up the infrastructure costs that involve huge capital expenditure, or ‘CapEX’.

Operating Expense (OpEX) is the solution to CapEX risks

The cloud has earned its praise from requiring no major investments to upgrade business applications. This has come as a huge sigh of relief for CFOs and CIOs to effectively curtail CapEX, transition to the cloud, stick to OpEX and maximize ROI.

With GP on the cloud, you need no significant upfront investments to collaborate and streamline operations towards improved productivity. Mobility helps enhance work experiences, enable employees’ access, and updates business-critical data anytime, anywhere, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. GP on the cloud is “OpEX” based, or pay-per-use. You can now conduct business at a rapid pace, while freeing up your resources as the hosting provider takes care of all the server support and maintenance work to keep them up and running.

OpEX is a win-win

OpEX brings in predictability to the monthly operating expenses, and you can also lock-in a fixed budget that meets your requirements. There will be no hassles whatsoever with respect to the upgrades, updates or maintenance as all conditions are keyed-in the contract. CIOs will now be more pleased to talk to CFOs on how the budgets are aligned to the business goals, and how ROI justifies the OpEX. There is no more heartburn that usually comes with CapEX when upgrading business applications. Overall, OpEX brings greater flexibility to adopt any new technology without having to disrupt the ongoing operations or having to add additional resources. You can also have better control over your cash flows, and streamline operations while driving growth and profitability.

Key Business Drivers of a GP transition to the cloud with OpEX model

  • Helps reduce tax liability applied on net income with OpEX, as it allows deducting operating expense in the current year
  • No upfront capital expenditure required to get going
  • Savings from OpEX can be diverted to other operational/organizational exigencies
  • Predictable monthly expenses with no hidden costs
  • Transparency in the expense pay-outs with flexible subscription fee options, ranging from pay-per-use, pay-per-user, pay-per-month, pay-per-device, and others
  • Reduces the need for additional human resources when adopting a new technology
  • Adoption of OpEX helps free resources to work on other productive tasks
  • Stringent SLAs demand a dedicated 24/7 help center, supporting you on all support and maintenance activities

Apart from the above benefits of transitioning GP to the cloud with OpEX, you can also leverage on better backups, on-demand access anytime and anywhere, better uptime, greater visibility into the operations, and greater flexibility to scale up or down as your business needs to change.

There are many reasons to upgrade your system to the cloud and our experienced team is waiting to help you plan your upgrade. Contact us today to find out about your upgrade path!

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