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SmartConnect as an Inventory Management (WMS) Integration tool for Dynamics 365, GP, NAV, CRM and

Industry leading WithoutWire Inventory Sciences is pleased to introduce you to another way to make your inventory smarter using SmartConnect real-time integration from eOne Solutions. As a Dynamics Reseller you may already be a SmartConnect Partner … see authorized Reseller’s listed here.If not, you may want to become more familiar with this tool that is used by over 2,500 Dynamics Clients today! Simply stated, it is No Code, scalable and configurable integration. That means a powerful integration solution for ERP admins, IT consultants and software developers.

ERP Admins like the fact that it requires no coding so that they can easily re-map their endpoints, fix errors and upgrade their Dynamics ERP or CRM.

IT Consultants enjoy this integration toolset which enables them to quickly connect Dynamics and CRM systems for complete scalability that is affordable and can always be modified for that fast-moving Client.

Software Developers love the fact that they do not have to “hard-code” software which provides maximum flexibility.

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences takes advantage of this friendliest integration protocol available today by unlocking the supply chain operation functions that serve your business – receive, count, manufacture, field service, pick, pack and ship with real time traceability. By connecting your Dynamics ERP or CRM to mobile inventory automation Clients are optimizing their accounting and supply chain functions to be independent, but real-time connected to serve your business in the most efficient way. By interconnected, I am referring to Dynamics as the master of Customers, Vendors, Items, Purchase Orders, Jobs, Work Orders and Sales Orders, along with all of the cost, invoicing and accounting functions that your business needs to drive your financials.

The minutiae of inventory quality holds, lot and expiration tracking, and all of its multiple movements throughout the day can be tracked by the most powerful inventory system, utilizing rugged and semi-rugged mobile smart devices (Android and iOS), on the warehouse floor.

SmartConnect gives you the ability to connect to your data in your systems, files, databases and via web services from both on premises and cloud applications. Files as your source are connected by selecting your file path. For systems with a database there is an easy interface within the SmartConnect Query builder to select the tables and fields. If you are connecting via web services, as is the case for WithoutWire Inventory Sciences WMS, you can connect your data via the supported endpoints and methods mapped to our WithoutWire APIs.

The WithoutWire integration is designed to be easy to setup and use. It is created to meet the needs of our typical Dynamics customer without the need for IT management. Our partners and customers have access to the SmartConnect - WithoutWire connectors to support their own customizations, if any, once installed.

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By Steve Dwyer

Principal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

WithoutWire Inventory Sciences

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