Employees Are Financially Stressed and Here’s How You Can Help

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Employees Are Financially Stressed and Here’s How You Can HelpWe are approaching the holiday season and the busiest shopping time of the year. While this is great for many businesses, it’s less so for employees. Employees are preparing for holiday parties, buying gifts, and wondering how they are going to balance bills, savings, and holiday spending. As they grow more preoccupied with financial challenges, they become less productive at work. Employees are getting financially stressed and here’s how you can help them and your business at the same time.

Financial Challenges Have Repercussions in the Workplace

Just as you keep a close eye on the bottom line for your company, employees keep a close eye on their own bottom lines too. Employees have bills to pay in addition to planning for retirement, college savings for their kids, taking a vacation, and planning for the upcoming holidays. Budgeting is critical, but also challenging.

Financial challenges have repercussions in the workplace. Stressed employees are distracted, which leads to poor productivity and mistakes. Poor productivity can, obviously, impact your bottom line. Help your employees manage their financial goals by providing access to financial insights and guidance.

Gain Control Over Money Matters with Best Money Moves

Help employees gain control over their finances by offering Best Money Moves. This mobile-first service is more than just another budgeting tool. It provides employees with the insight and guidance needed to gain control over money matters. Employers purchase this service, then offer it to employees as a free employee benefit.

Best Money Moves offers award-winning information, simple tools, and a unique content-mapping system that teaches employees how to recognize and solve financial problems. A point-based reward system gamifies the program, adding a level of entertainment as employees work toward reaching financial goals.

Employees securely enter information into Best Money Moves. The information in the employee’s dashboard remains private and isn’t shared with the employer or anyone else. The only information that an employer would see is how ‘financially stressed’ employees are as a group, not as an individual. The trademarked Stressometer™ uses 14 categories to measure a level of stress. Once employees can define the stressors, they can learn how to solve those pain points.

As employees navigate Best Money Moves, they will find helpful information that is easy-to-understand and easy to put into place. Employees also have access to Money Coaches. Each coach is trained and accredited with one goal: to teach employees to make strategic money decisions. Each time an employee logs in, enters information, works within a budget, reads tips and articles, etc.—Best Money Moves provides points. Each point enters employees into a contest and they can monitor progress on their leaderboard.

Help Employees Help Themselves with Best Money Moves

A happy employee is a productive employee and you can help your employees solve their financial challenges with Best Money Moves. Watch the short video on our website and you’ll see just how easy it is to use this innovative program. Contact Integrity Data for more information and guidance with helping your employees solve their money challenges and become less financially stressed.

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