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Good day,

1994 marks the inauguration of the North American Free Trade Agreement. A liter of gas was selling for fifty-five cents and the Big Mac™ a little over a dollar. It is also the time when I made my entry into the ERP (Entreprise Requirement Planning) software universe.

The Big Mac stayed pretty much the same, it seems, but the ERP industry has greatly evolved, most notably due to the lightning-fast evolution of technology.

If you are facing an ERP deployment, you are probably already feeling the stress and pressure that comes with it. I understand you very well.

I therefore introduce you today to a series of BLOGs through which I hope to share with you my experience as an ERP integration expert. Together, we will demystify this intimidating technological universe filled with acronyms and horror stories by focusing on the important elements that should drive a successful implementation project.

We will discuss Change Management, Project Management, technology and, of course, human aspects.

Do not hesitate to write to me if you wish to share your comments and questions.


Sylvain Lafond


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