Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing: What You Need to Know

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Microsoft Dynamics products went through a recent branding change. The products that used to be called Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM have now been rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition to the changes in product names, there are some updates to the cost of licenses. There are a few key components that go into Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing, and I will explain a few of them.

Dynamics 365 license user counts

One of the most important things to know when you're looking at buying Dynamics 365 is your user counts. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is licensed on a user basis and there are different user types. When we're working with prospects, we really get to know the different user types in the organization, what their roles are, and what kinds of things they're going to be doing with the application. This information really helps us understand what role and what user license they might need within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Project scope

One of the other important things for us to understand is the scope of the project. When we talk historically about sales or CRM and ERP, it's a really broad topic to cover, so it's important to know what components you might be using within the organization. Are you looking at replacing just your financial solution? Are you looking at financials and supply chain? Are you also looking for HR and payroll?

What are you replacing?

Another component we need to understand when we're talking with clients about potentially using Dynamics 365 is what you're going to replace. Every company we talk to has got some other line of business application. It might be payroll, it might be a billing solution, it could be something that's really unique to their industry, and some of those systems don't get replaced when we implement Dynamics 365. So there needs to be an integration to an existing line of business system or some other application that's going to survive that transition.

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