How Can Microsoft Dynamics GP Enable Better Business Functionality?

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Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP is designed to empower your people to be more productive and your systems to last longer, with the ability to scale to accommodate growth while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in the ever-changing world of business.


Workflow condition management

New options are available for automatically processing workflows when something in the workflow doesn’t meet specified conditions. If a condition is not met, the workflow can continue to the next step or it can be rejected.


With this enhancement, two additional options will be added letting you select the action that occurs when a condition isn’t met. The first is to continue to the next step in the workflow. Rather than stopping the workflow completely if a condition isn’t met, the step that doesn’t meet the condition won’t be completed, but the workflow moves to the next step in the sequence. This allows you to create workflows that contain steps that are completed only if specific conditions, but that don’t stop the workflow if the conditions aren’t met.


The second option is to reject the workflow if the condition for the step is not met. This allows the user to set up a workflow that automatically rejects documents based on specific conditions, rather than having a user manually review and reject the document.


Workflow reassignment notifications

Now you can conf igure a workflow to automatically notify a new approver when they need to act on a workflow that’s in process. Notif ications can be sent to a new approver for who was delegated to the workflow, who is part of an escalation process, or who is an alternate approver.


Configurable OData Service points added

Now you can define end-points for an OData Service, which allows Dynamics GP data to be read by any tool that supports OData feeds. The open data protocol, typically referred to as OData, defines a data model and a protocol that can let any client access information that’s exposed by any data source.


Business Intelligence Enhancements


Import and Export SmartLists from SmartList Designer

Now you can export and import SmartList definitions that have been created with SmartList Designer from one install to another. This is handy for partners who create SmartLists for one customer, then import them into an implementation for another customer. Customers can use the same functionality to export and import SmartLists across sites or divisions.


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