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Support Employees with Stress-free Financial PlanningEmployees are a critical factor in the success of your business. You need them to show up every day, ready to work. Unfortunately, many of your employees may be distracted by financial concerns and this stress can impact productivity. Support your employees with strong financial planning using Best Money Moves, a mobile-first service. This innovative benefit enables employees to take greater control over their financial situation making them happier and more productive.

 Are Your Employees Financially Stressed?

Business owners, CEOs and human resources professionals aren’t unaware of employee concerns, morale or productivity. In fact, keeping an eye on employee attitudes is necessary for maintaining strong engagement and retention. Offering a variety of benefits, including paid time off options, healthcare and retirement packages, and other unique offerings is valuable for maintaining a healthy, productive workforce. However, there is one concern that is difficult to solve. Employees are becoming increasingly financially stressed and many don’t have the tools to navigate financial challenges.

How financially stressed are your employees? That’s difficult to quantify because there could be many stressors from college expenses, home ownership, growing families and economic disruption. It’s rarely one thing that leads to financial stress. Help your employees define potential stressors and learn how to successfully manage their money with Best Money Moves. This service is available for employers to purchase and offer as a free benefit to their workforce.

To be clear, Best Money Moves doesn’t sell anything, and there are no ads or hidden tricks. The service offers tools and information for your employees to identify and solve their financial problems efficiently. Here’s what you get with Best Money Moves:

  1. Budget tool: This easy-to-use budget tool not only manages money, but highlights what your ‘best money move’ would be so you can manage money effectively.
  2. Privacy: Employee information isn’t shared with the employer or anyone else.
  3. Stressometer™: Measure the level of financial stress covering 14 main categories and learn how to solve your biggest pain points with a content mapping system.
  4. Employee reward system: Earn points each time you log in, enter information, read articles and measure stress. Points increase chances for winning the next contest.
  5. Tailored financial information: Get the information you need to manage money without confusing financial industry jargon.
  6. Financial coaching: Trained, accredited professionals are ready to take your questions and offer guidance with making smart money decisions.
  7. Employer dashboard: Business owners, CEOs and human resources leaders can monitor employee financial stress through the Employer Dashboard. Without viewing private details, leaders can monitor program usage, debt and savings levels, and other information pertaining to employee stress levels.

 Help Employees Make the Best Money Moves

Financial concerns can be a distraction in the workplace, impacting productivity and morale across your organization. Help employees take control over their financial future by providing this new, innovative benefit tool. Best Money Moves could be just what your employees need to navigate financial challenges successfully and be the confident, productive employee you rely on each and every day. Contact Integrity Data to learn more about Best Money Moves and how this tool offers strong financial planning for an increasingly financially-stressed workforce.

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