How Can Workflow Enable Success in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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Designed to empower your people to be more productive and your systems to last longer, Microsoft Dynamics GP has the ability to scale to accommodate growth while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in the ever-changing world of business.


Microsoft Dynamics GP helps businesses gain greater control over their financials, better manage their inventory and operations, and make informed decisions that help drive business success. It's quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambition. Microsoft Dynamics GP works with and like other Microsoft products that are well known throughout businesses worldwide. That means people across your organization can use skills and products that they already know-like a web browser, Microsoft Office System products, and Microsoft SQL Server-to access and communicate information managed within the system.


General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation and fixed assets are some of the detailed financial management options that Microsoft Dynamics GP provides.  Employees can analyze financial data by whatever criteria they require, while the company gains an accounting solution that reflects changes instantaneously.


With New Workflow – You Can Gain Payables Transaction Approval

A new workflow type for Payables Transaction approval in Workflow Maintenance is now available. When you set up and mark this workflow active, the Payables Transaction Approval workflow type will allow you to submit and approve transactions in the Payables Transaction Entry window. Approval is also available through the email notification and the navigation lists. The PM Batch Approval workflow type is still available as well. If the PM Batch Approval workflow type and the Payables Transaction Approval workflow type are both Active the batch origin of Payables Transaction Entry is not available for batch approval.


Workflow – Document Attachment

When a document has been added to a transaction or record using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Document Attachment feature, these attachments can now be sent with the workflow task notification email. This feature is available for PM Batch Approval, Purchase Order Approval, Purchase Requisition Approval, Vendor Approval, and Payables Transaction Approval. For example, you can now enter a payables invoice, scan it and attach the record from the vendor, and then submit the invoice for approval. When the approver receives the email, they will get the invoice information and the attachment will show the scanned invoice from the vendor.


As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Accountnet helps companies get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics. We don’t just install and configure the software—we train your accounting staff to use it to create the reports – so they can analyze data as needed. Our solutions give both technical and non-technical employees the information required to do their jobs well—wherever they are, in whatever application they choose to use. Take the next step toward growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP to gain simplicity, value with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Contact us at Accountnet to learn more (212) 244-9009.



Written by Accountnet, Inc.

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