Need Better Control of Overtime and Leave Management?

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Need Better Control of Overtime and Leave Management?Managing employee overtime or leave is challenging with outdated or manual systems. In many cases, business leaders are tallying up overtime hours after they’ve been noted on a timesheet. Playing catch up puts you behind, instead of in front of, overtime spending. Tracking leave isn’t much easier, especially when offering multiple forms of leave in addition to the traditional sick or vacation time. Get greater control over overtime and leave management activities by automating them.

Here's How You Get Ahead of Overtime and Leave Management

Looking backwards isn’t productive and it doesn’t help you control labor usage and costs or support planning initiatives. Managing overtime and leave are two different activities, but have similar outcomes. Poor management of either can be a burden on productivity and your bottom line.

On the flip side, effective management of overtime and leave can strengthen operations and protect profits. Taking a proactive step with overtime and leave management will get you ahead of the curve and better position your business to control labor and planning needs. Here’s how you can get ahead of overtime and leave management for good.

Set Overtime Rules and Enforce Them Automatically

Working overtime is occasionally necessary for meeting customer or client obligations. However, uncontrolled overtime can get expensive and impact profits. Manually calculating payroll from timesheets is backward-facing. You’ve likely paid out overtime without knowing whether the overtime was needed or approved beforehand. Overtime Hours Rules is a simple, affordable add-on solution that will help you control overtime with a forward-facing stance.

You first establish your overtime policies and procedures in Overtime Hours Rules, then simply let this solution enforce them automatically. You can set rules based on employee, department, position or other variables. The rules can also be managed based on day, week, pay period or a combination of all three timeframes. You set rule priorities, determining which pay codes or hours are subject to the overtime rule. Then, overtime hours are automatically calculated during payroll. Eliminating the catch-up process which comes with manual means enables leaders to monitor overtime usage. Real-time data offers the opportunity to take a proactive stance with labor management, thereby controlling overtime spending.

Automate Multiple Leave Plans in One Place

Offering a variety of leave opportunities is an important benefit and good for employee morale. On the other hand, managing multiple leave opportunities manually can be time-consuming. Calculating multiple leave options from timesheets can take hours or days as your headcount grows. Neither the employee or human resources knows how much leave time an employee has remaining until timesheets are tabulated. Without real-time information, employees could end up using, and getting paid for, more leave than they have available.

Comprehensive Leave Manager simplifies leave management. You can establish unlimited types of leave options from vacation and sick time, to personal or administrative time, comp time, volunteer or other forms of time off. You then create your accrual schedules, set carry-over rules, balance caps or other maximums. Define waiting or probationary periods for new employees. Once these rules are established in Comprehensive Leave Manager, all transactions are automatically calculated during the payroll process. Managers can monitor transaction histories by employee, including the dates when time off is taken. Similarly, employees can monitor their leave balances and transactions within the HRM Self Service Suite.

Streamline Overtime and Leave Management with Modern Technology

Save time and take a proactive stance with managing overtime and leave by putting modern technology in place. Contact Integrity Data for more information about Overtime Hours Rules, Comprehensive Leave Manager and other time-saving payroll automations for Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

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