Asset management, what is its most revolutionary new development?

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The use of drones is transforming the world. Here is a look at the benefits of drones. You have quick access, low costs, and the ability to automatically document asset conditions. In the world of asset management, drones are revolutionizing the industry. The possibilities are endless and amazing. In this article, we will point out a few benefits of the use of drones for asset management.

Inspection 2.0

Using drones during the inspections is one of the greatest benefits for asset management. Inspecting areas or equipment can be time consuming, costly, and most significantly, dangerous. Drone technology are nowadays able to do much more than just making photographic images. In addition they can even carry X-ray and infrared camera's to detect structural issues or dangerous leaks.

Updating your clients

Imagine the beautiful photos and videos you can take with drones. Now, imagine these drones connected to the cloud, sending out a steady livestream. Your clients can use their accounts to tap into the livestream and voilà! The client get updates whenever and wherever they want. They can turn it on during a meeting and impress the whole company with the progress.

asset management
Image 1: Keep your clients up to date with drones connected to the cloud

Keeping track of your (preventive) maintenance

When you want to expan the life cycle of your equipment or buildings it is necessary to monitor the performance and conduct preventive maintenance. Drones can be timed and planned. This means you can keep track of your maintenance with a very tight schedule. And by connecting to the cloud, all data is recorded and tracked automatically, which saves time and effort. The more sophisticated the drones become the more sophisticated your system will be.

innovating asset management with drones
Image 2: Asset management with drones is quicker, cheaper and in addition drones can get everywhere.

Keeping track of inventory

Not only are drones getting smaller and lighter, the scan equipment is too. For example, the RFID scanner is quite heavy and therefore requires a large drone. Recently, researchers from MIT developed a device that can resend the signal. This way, the scanner can stay on the ground. This means that the drone can be smaller and can access the products, making scanning much more accurate.

Creating a intelligent asset management solution

The more important the use of drones becomes, the more the need for a intelligent asset management solution grows. It is important to have a system that is able to pair the collected data with historical data. As a result, the analysis process becomes more precise and advanced.

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