3 eCommerce Marketing Tools You Need for the Holidays

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Fall is upon us, and retailers across the web are already gearing up for Black Friday and the holiday season. Consumers do more of their shopping online every year, which means massive opportunity for growth in the coming months. But you’re going to need a solid eCommerce marketing strategy if you want your web store to stand out from the crowd.

The good news? It doesn’t take a marketing degree to make it happen. A versatile, scalable eCommerce solution from k-eCommerce integrates not only with your ERP but also with third-party marketing tools and other services online that simultaneously broaden and fine-tune your efforts.

Here’s a look at three easy eCommerce marketing tools to enhance the selling power of your k-eCommerce web store and win this holiday season.

Build Amazon and eBay Marketplaces

One of the most powerful methods of expanding your customer reach is to connect with eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay and let them do the selling for you.

Integrating with Amazon is quite easy; you just open an account with the Amazon Marketplace Web Service. Once that is done, you can create a product catalog and price list for your Amazon marketplace and start selling.

Order information, products, and prices “sync” back and forth between Amazon and k-eCommerce just as they do between k-eCommerce and your ERP. When Amazon customers place orders in your marketplace, the orders transfer directly to your k-eCommerce web store.

Integration with eBay works primarily the same way. However, you must already have an eBay store up and running for three months before you can connect it to your k-eCommerce boutique. Additionally, your eBay store must receive at least ten positive reviews before eBay accepts a connection from your web store.

Once accepted, though, the flow of information between k-eCommerce and eBay is automated, just as it is on Amazon. A few quick steps and your online boutique is open to two of the biggest marketplaces on the web.

Get Social with AddThis

At this point, everyone knows the marketing power of social media for both B2B and B2C. AddThis synergizes your online boutique with your social media touchpoints even further by providing social sharing and follow buttons that you can deploy directly to your k-eCommerce web store’s pages.

If a customer sees a product that they think a friend would like, they can share the product page with the click of a button to more than 200 social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. Other buttons allow customers to follow you on social media without having to leave your web store.

These buttons are optimized for use across all devices and can be customized to fit your k-eCommerce web store’s unique style.

Additionally, you can create widgets with AddThis that promote pages on your site. For example, you can greet visitors with a popup offering to tell them more about a special event. If they accept, they will be redirected to the event’s landing page.

You may display these promotions for all customers or select groups. If you want to show first-time shoppers a unique banner, or split test sales pages to measure client response, AddThis makes it easy.

Harness the Power of Google Analytics

Google is good for a lot more than just SEO.

By integrating your k-eCommerce web store with Google Analytics, you will be able to track visitor behavior and orders placed on your site. Including information like the visitor’s geographic region, the devices and browsers used to access your store, the percentage of new vs. recurring visits, and more.

All these stats can then be filtered according to different metrics for comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis.

Your k-eCommerce boutique comes with built-in configurations that allow it to work with Google Analytics. To activate them, you just create an account with Google Analytics and set it up with your web store’s URL. Google Analytics then provides you with a code that you copy/paste right into your admin window.

All it takes is a few small tweaks to your k-eCommerce web store’s settings, and you can put the full power of Google to work for you—not to mention Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter… see? We told you it didn’t take a marketing degree.

k-eCommerce is an innovative B2B and B2C eCommerce platform that integrates to Microsoft Dynamics. It allows you simplify and accelerate your organization’s ability to sell online by pulling pricing, inventory, product information and more from your ERP and displaying it on your online store. k-eCommerce serves organizations in the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, and retail industries. Contact us today and discover how our eCommerce solutions can help your business grow.

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