Unified Commerce – What Is It All About?

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Unified Commerce

As per BRP’s definition, unified commerce places customer experience as a top priority by leveraging a single commerce platform. A single platform gets rid of internal channels which operate in their own silos. Therefore, merchants leverage a centralized real-time platform for all customer engagement points.

Why do you need unified commerce?

I’m sure you have been hearing this word for a couple of years. Do you feel that this is something you need to take seriously if you are a small-scale retailer? The current business model is always connected online. Furthermore, Customers expect a smooth online shopping experience across all available channels and devices.

According to Gartner, 89 percent of companies are expected to shine mainly in the area of consumer experience. Unified commerce comes into the picture in this context. When your physical and digital channels are consolidated in one place, it offers you perfect and real-time data allowing you to understand and deliver customer requirements easily.

Unified commerce is a technique of offering an omnichannel experience. When relying on a centralized platform for managing all client communications, retail companies can easily present the same feel, looks, and messaging features across all the channels and mobile devices.

What will you achieve?

There are several platforms for retail companies to follow. However, not all have unified commerce features. Here are some of the potential features:

  1. 24/7 access to metrics and live data for users at the organization.
  2. Technological unification towards all sales and marketing channels, people, business features, and locations.
  3. Fulfilling messaging, services, and other features to clients based on their requirements/needs.
  4. Mobile Responsive designs
  5. Top-class customer support with minimal IT involvement
  6. Best web portal and mobile application performance.
  7. Easy checkout process via payment gateways like Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.

Pros of Unified Commerce

Well, there are plenty of pros for unified commerce. All these are for creating the best client experience. Today, users should have the provision to buy and receive products anytime and anywhere. Whether purchased online or returned in-store. For instance, the sales team must be able to order something for their customers.

What’s important for users for online shopping? First of all, the product information must be accurate for online purchasing. Secondly, You need to make sure the detailed and consistent product descriptions, across your selling channels. Also, Product recommendations need to be made based on past purchase history.

Working with Unified Commerce

First of all, a unified commerce platform has plenty of benefits; however, various retail companies may believe that working with one will be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. As a result, they avoid Unified eCommerce.

This is actually true in the case of poor hardware and infrastructure. Studies show that 37 percent of retail companies have a POS system that is over 5 years old. This is never going to help you deliver a unified consumer experience. Therefore, the only way to work on this is to change your existing infrastructure before moving to unified commerce. Take your time and deploy such platforms when you are charged up.

Unified Commerce – The Future

As a result, when placing the consumer in the middle of the retail business, unified commerce helps retail organizations to easily fuse a wide selection of goods that are available online with personal in-store services.

In the future, if you feel that online web stores are going to cause a threat to your retail business, then it's high time you start building a digital store for your retail organization so you have a backup when competing with your rivals. So, how to achieve the best results today – The answer is unified commerce!

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