Take Your Analytical Capabilities to the Next Level with Business Intelligence Tools

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Business intelligence tools are essential to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data that can be stored in an ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. Previously, costly developments and heavy modules were required, and users had to sift through lengthy reports to get to the data that they needed.

Now several BI tools are at your disposal to extract, contextualize and tailor the information to your specific needs, allowing everyone across your organization to make quick, informed business decisions. Here are some of the main tools available to take your analytical capabilities to the next level and gain better insights into your business.


Have quick access to data with customizable dashboards

Dashboards consolidate information into a single screen that can be accessed and monitored easily. Different types of dashboards are available, providing various levels of visibility onto your information. For instance, the dashboards included in a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be integrated to your Dynamics GP solution, leveraging the views of the CRM to contextualize your financial data for quick insight. Dashboards can also be customized to ensure that you get exactly the information that you need.


Manipulate and visualize information with a BI solution

The robust analytical capabilities of a business intelligence solution like Power BI are increasingly vital to managing your business. It puts at your disposal all the tools needed to visualize, organize, and share your information. You can link, merge, add or remove datasets and highlight relationships to gain additional insights into your projects and activities. As Power BI is cloud-based, it also allows users to access their data and BI tools from anywhere to perform their tasks with optimal efficiency and make informed business decisions.


Drilldown with robust reporting capabilities

Reports are still needed as they provide an in-depth look at specific information. However, it’s important to have the right reports on hand, displayed according to the specific needs of the user. Project managers, for example, usually need to review data from an operational standpoint and at a granular level. Having the right reports ensures enhanced visibility on the progress and profitability of your projects as well as the utilization and productivity rates of your resources, allowing you to optimize their efficiency and better manage their workloads.

In short, the proper business intelligence tools allow everyone across your organization to access the information that they need when they need it, ensuring informed business decisions and optimal efficiency. With a complete BI solution, robust reporting capabilities, and rich dashboard possibilities, you can simplify your processes and take your data analysis to the next level for better insight, increased efficiency and improved control.


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By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Power BI specialist in Quebec

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