How to Enhance Your Web Store with Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP

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(Dynamics GP Integration)

Enhance your webstore with Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP

What’s the best way to enhance your web store with Dynamics GP and Magento? The one and only answer is x2x eCommerce! Here’s some feedback we've received from our customers:

  1. Successfully manages our sales process and developing business processes.
  2. Integration helps avoid typical growing pains and issues caused during the long run when our sales and business systems are integrated together.
  3. It also makes us avoid unwanted costs, customer service issues, and complicated business processes.

And of course, they automated their business processes instead of using manual interventions that are error-prone and time-consuming.

Think about where your web store has order issues such as incorrect pricing, product stock numbers, incorrect shipping addresses, etc. These will lead to unhappy customers and eventually one day, you have to say goodbye to your web store.

So, what do you do?

With x2x eCommerce, you will be able to:

  1. Centralize and sync your product catalog information
  2. Consolidate order data in a single location to serve your customers effectively
  3. Handle order to cash processes aligned with your eCommerce portal
  4. Showcase live inventory updates in your web store

These are achievable using highly-equipped eCommerce integration platforms like x2x eCommerce solutions.

The question is how to get there?

#1. Getting the “Right” solution/features

You need to do a research mode exercise first. Do a SWOT analysis on Dynamics GP and Magento features as well as your business needs. This must be aligned with your present and future needs. This way, you will be able to handle your eCommerce solution in a strategic and tactical manner. Choose the best eCommerce integration solution that meets your existing business needs eventually helps your business to grow well in the long term.

Features required for your operations (For Dynamics GP as well as Magento)

The problem with most eCommerce businesses is managing both web store and financials separately. This incurs a lot of cost overheads and consumes a lot of time. The Order Processing works on Magento as well as Microsoft Dynamics GP. An integrated suite like x2x eCommerce helps you to achieve this. Since you need most of your order information online, not all information needs to be stored on your Dynamics GP. Integration platforms such as x2x eCommerce help to upload item information from Dynamics GP (Importing excel data) and help you to choose which items to be shown in which categories in a matter of minutes! Your product updates in Magento get automatically updated when changes are done in Dynamics GP.

Complete Order Cycle

x2x eCommerce supports complete eCommerce order cycles managing orders, invoices, payments, shipping notices, and purchase orders with the help of Dynamics GP and Magento integration.


Microsoft Dynamics GP helps in managing your inventory with a bulk upload (excel import option) or even from 3rd party warehouses or suppliers. x2x eCommerce integration platform accepts inventory information from various sources and reflects it on your web store in real-time!

Features required for support services

Customer support services – Your web store is going to be live 24x7, so as your Customer Service Team! Integration providers like x2x eCommerce will always be there for the customers' queries for troubleshoots or other issues.

Magento Upgrades – Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms for retailers and wholesalers. Being an evolving product, it comes up with search-based and customer behavior monitoring features apart from the usual technical changes. You need to leverage the latest updates so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

Flexible solution – You don’t need to change your work process for a new solution. For example, if you have Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage your purchase orders or inventory, you need not move out of Dynamics GP for a new product (This is where x2x eCommerce helps you to leverage both Magento and Dynamics GP).

Instead of looking for expensive eCommerce Suites, take advantage of a simple integration suite and convert it into a competitive advantage!

Selecting the right integration platform

Dynamics GP and Magento integration – Make sure that your eCommerce integration suite handles website images, SEO configuration, or other item information which won’t be on your inventory control system.

Solutions like x2x eCommerce help in integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP and Magento along with your web store and 3rd party warehouses. This will help you avoid the risks of buying multiple solutions and eventually increasing your IT expenses.

As described above, even small companies can successfully compete with larger organizations. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP, Magento is the perfect eCommerce solution for your web store needs. x2x eCommerce plays a significant role between Dynamics GP and Magento and offers both backend and frontend for a consistent shopping experience.

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    We are looking for a way to integrate Our local Instance of MS Dynamics GP with our website to start selling online.

    Please advise if your solution will solve this issue for us

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