What Can You Do about Employee Financial Stress?

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What Can You Do about Employee Financial Stress?Almost everyone is stressed these days. Is that too bold a statement to make? Just ask around.

We all know that stress is bad for our health and there is no end to suggestions for dealing with stress – from yoga to deserted islands (if only!). Seriously though, asa business owner, you know how stress affects your employees. They become less productive, less engaged, and more preoccupied with their worries. For many employees, the source of their stress is finances. I mention finances rather than money because often money is not the problem. The stress comes from not knowing how to manage their resources whether they have a lot or a little.

You may think that as an employer all you have to do is sign their paychecks, but if your employees are stressed about finances, it is bound to affect their work and thus your bottom line.

Even as you acknowledge your workers’ stress about finances, you may have no idea what to do about it, other than giving everyone a big raise. Maybe you are feeling the financial stress as well. Maybe your HR staff spends a lot of its time counseling employees about their personal finances but they don’t feel qualified, since many of them are in debt and struggling to make the numbers work, too.

Across the board raises are not likely and they are really not the answer to the dilemma. While many employees, and employers, would say “I need more money”, the truth is that if you don’t know how to manage your finances, no amount of money will be enough. Does it surprise you that the majority of people who win the lottery are broke in five years?

So, where can you find a reliable program for addressing employee financial stress?

Best Money Moves is a mobile-first tool that helps employees measure their financial stress in 14 different categories, and then use a unique content-mapping system to provide the exact information they need to help them solve their problem and dial down financial stress. The program is a point-based reward system that encourages your employees to take a fresh look at how they manage their resources.  The service is sold to employers who then offer it to their employees as a free employee benefit.

Help your employees see that they can learn to control their finances and lead less stressful and more productive lives.

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