Binary Stream - Did You Know - Weekly Tips - Multi-Entity Management - PART 2

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Did you know...

  • MEM can print 1096 forms individually, consolidated forms (per entity), or forms by child entity.This is located under Tools > Routines > Purchasing > Print 1099.
  • To print a single FORM 1096 click on Actions > Print Individual 1099/1096. MEM requires information from entity description to provide the company name, the default address in order to fill in the entity address, and the entity tax registration for the Federal ID number.
  • To print consolidated by entity 1096 forms click on Actions > Print Consolidated 1099/1096. Consolidated forms require the same information as individual 1096 forms for company name, address and federal id number.
  • When printing the 1096 by child entity, you must select Print 1099 by Child on the Purchasing tab in the Multi-Entity Management Setup window. The report uses the entity of the invoice (child) instead of the entity of the payment (parent) as per the Form 1099 report.


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