3 Signs You're Outgrowing QuickBooks--And How Dynamics GP Can Help

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An Initial Platform
QuickBooks may work for you initially, but eventually, this accounting software reveals its natural limitations, and continuing use may end up costing money in the long run. Following are three signs demonstrating your business has transcended this program, as well as ways in which taking the next big step--pursuing an Enterprise Resource Planning option--can directly help your operation.

Unnecessary Complexity
According to Quora, there are so many issues related to QuickBooks' lack of usability that companies offering better accounting software have devoted entire web pages to addressing these problems. Dynamics GP provides a user interface that is not complex at the level of QuickBooks, and so is much easier to access and use. This makes the time it takes to consolidate accounting information diminished, saving resources and simultaneously utilizing them. After all, time is money.

Lacking Components
The accounting software in QuickBooks isn't designed for larger operations, and so is bereft of certain industry-specific features. For example, it doesn't have key reports beyond accounting, will crash more regularly than it has any right to, does not feature any support on the professional level, and has issues with certain file sizes. If your files are getting too big for QuickBooks, it's time to upgrade. Dynamics GP is specifically configured to handle bigger files routinely generated by larger operations.

Concrete Signs
If you want to get scientific about it, estimate your QuickBooks' database size this way: first, you've got to multiply your annual transactions by two kilobytes. Then add the total items in your list and multiply the product of those two numbers by five kilobytes. Then add this number to the product of annual transactions. If the final file is less than 15,000 KB (or a little under 15 megabytes), QuickBooks is still something you can probably get away with using. If it's not, you're just asking for trouble. Meanwhile, corporate options like Dynamics GP are being designed to transcend gigabytes.

Three ways to know it's time for an upgrade in your accounting software are:

·   Loss of Time Due To Unnecessary Complexity

·   Required Components QuickBooks Does Not Feature

·   Large File Sizes

Recognizing the need to upgrade sooner, rather than later, is going to save you money in the long run.

Custom Information Services' Dynamic GP software reduces time lost in program navigation, features more components than QuickBooks, while also handling larger files.

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