How Organizations use Social Media to Boost Their Web Store Reach?

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Webstore Social Media to boost eCommerce Business

Still, stuck with traditional marketing techniques? So, it's high time you made the change! Here at x2x eCommerce, our CEO constantly motivates us to improve our digital marketing skills. Why? Simply because it is the future of online marketing! Today, if your business doesn’t have a LinkedIn or Facebook page, it’s likely you will soon be out of business!

Why Web Store Social Media Activities?

Our digital marketing team has witnessed benefited from using social media marketing in reaching prospects and customers efficiently and improving our conversion rate. Similarly, this will work for your eCommerce business as well. But, How can you attain maximum traffic to your web store? For that, You have to focus more on web store social media activities to see results!

Check out the following tips to boost your existing eCommerce business:

1. Relevant Information

Do you completely trust websites and content that appears on Google search? I would say 40-50% of that content is junk. The same goes for email campaigns. The same old jargon and marketing techniques are not going to fly anymore! What do you do when you receive a regular marketing email? You move it to the delete folder, right?

You need to come up with a creative approach to your website. Make it interesting with relevant content, videos reflecting your brand, and of course, targeting the right audience!

If you use Facebook, you have the option to target your posts to the desired segments of your followers. Targeting is based on location, language, age groups, etc.

Especially in Canada, organizations are keen on publishing social media posts in English and French to keep their audience engaged. But, what about the national holiday campaigns? You don’t want to target those posts worldwide, do you?

2. Webstore Social Media - Wise use of Hashtags

Notice the Uber TV advertisement that’s being aired. #UberIceCream right? Usage of powerful hashtags can bring a great impact on your brand.

It is also recommended you follow the most commonly used hashtags to boost your brand visibility. If you are using Instagram for promotions, you need to come up with more hashtags to show up better in results.

3. Customer Surprises

Try getting birthday and anniversary information from your customers when they sign up in your online store. Thanks to eCommerce solutions like Magento which come with an email marketing feature, automated emails can be set to arrive on your customers' birthdays or anniversaries. You could also include special offers (Discount Codes) to make them feel special. Build a great connection with your audience and see your business grow rapidly! eCommerce business is all about building loyalty and trust!

4. Stop being mechanical!

Having a social media platform doesn’t mean you act like a radio or TV! Only publishing news and offers aren't going to help nurture your audience. When your valued customers start posting suggestions or complaints, respond to them. The more genuine you are, the higher your chances of building loyalty. Respond to your customer's queries quickly and see how it changes your brand’s visibility.

5. Engaging with your Influencers

Okay, I mentioned this in my previous blog but it is important to mention it here too. It’s one of the industry’s top-secret tools where influence helps in driving brand visibility and awareness organically and gaining trust among a larger audience. They don’t come for free. Obviously, you have to spend some extra bucks to motivate them to work hard for you. Don’t forget to keep a small budget for your influencers and run them in conjunction with your other social media campaigns. Trust me, it works like a charm!

6. Analyzing and Learning

Last but not the least, Do not target ads blindly. Perfect planning is required to make them work for you. So, what do you do? Run your campaigns for a week then study your results carefully. Social media is a playground where you come across lots of trial and error. Keep trying and track those performances. Choose the methods that work best for your brand. Even though it looks straightforward but it is mandatory that you analyze your results periodically.

For instance, there is an online store that came up with flyers. They made over 1000 copies with loads of text included but People these days don’t have time to read two sentences properly!

What do you expect? You have to change your strategy by minimizing the text and adding more graphics to catch peoples' attention.

If you asked me for the top web store social media techniques to run your eCommerce business, I couldn’t give you a proper response. It is simply because every business has its strengths and weaknesses. As mentioned above, you need to try them out to figure out which one suits your business type. However, don’t forget to leverage the top social media platforms to boost your branding and audience acquisition with proper web store social media activities!

About x2x eCommerce

x2x eCommerce is the first and the only solution that adds an eCommerce module to Dynamics GP and also uses the latest and most comprehensive web front components provided by Magento eCommerce.

The best part is that x2x eCommerce has Marketing Promotion & Conversion Tools ready! Here are the features:

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell Products
  • Promo Pricing and Discount Coupons
  • Multi-tier Pricing
  • SEO Optimized
  • Newsletter management
  • Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
  • Landing page for categories
  • Social Media Integration

So, what’s next? Want to see a quick demo of x2x-eCommerce? Get in touch with our experts today at!

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