Microsoft Dynamics GP System Specs and Hardware Requirements Cheat Sheets

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What do you need to make Microsoft Dynamics GP run on-premise?

Here are some handy reference guides that you can always find at

PDF  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2019 Release System Requirements
PDF  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 System Requirements
PDF  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 System Requirements
PDF  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 System Requirements
PDF  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 System Requirements
PDF  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 System Requirements
PDF  Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client System Requirements
PDF  Management Reporter System Requirements

These documents contain the minimum client hardware requirements, server recommendations, and Terminal Server minimum hardware requirements supported by the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support Team. Microsoft says, “The server recommendations are not minimum server requirements. The requirements and recommendations are based on experience with many different installations. Users may need to increase these requirements due to environmental factors to achieve individual performance expectations.”

Note: Costs for SQL Server have increased dramatically in the past couple of years/versions and continue to move to a per-core-centric model. At CAL Business Solutions we encourage clients to opt into the Runtime SQL Licensing offered by Microsoft if you are not already invested in Microsoft Open Licensing.

Upgrading your hardware or other licensing can be a big investment. When faced with this decision, some companies choose to move Microsoft Dynamics GP into the cloud.

Compare Your Options

Compare the pros/cons of On-Premise, Hosted, and Cloud deployment.

Already own Dynamics GP?

We can migrate your on-premises version of Dynamics GP to be hosted in the cloud.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP and are ready to upgrade or want to discuss moving to the cloud contact CAL Business Solutions, 860-485-0910 x4, or

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