Generate Word templates in GP easily as reports are printed through Report Writer.

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  • with Rob Wagner, Implementation Specialists


We will show you how Dynamics GP will generate Microsoft Word templates on the fly as reports are printed through Report Writer.

If you prefer to see report output in a .docx format, you can follow these steps to generate templates when they don’t exist.

  1. Edit your "Dex.ini" file to add the line "IsWebClient=TRUE".
  2. Print any Report Writer report from inside the application.
  3. You will see that the Report Destination window shows Report Type = Template. 
  4. After pressing the OK button, your report output is displayed in Microsoft Word.
  5. To make changes to the template, change the "Dex.ini" where "IsWebClient=FALSE", then
  6. Click modify to open the template in Microsoft Word to make any changes.
  7. From now on, your Dynamics GP will have the option to use Microsoft Word templates for all users.


Hope you found this useful!


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By Deb Sletmoen, MCT, Implementation Specialists – Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Partner with Advanced ERP Competency and Source Code Provider

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