Can distributors free themselves from the hassles of mismatched data across various systems?

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Can distributors free themselves from the hassles of mismatched data across various systems?


Pioneers and leaders, as well as relatively new entrants in the distribution industry, are now saddled with a new dimension to their complex business operation systems – the advent of digital transformation solutions. The technical advances have given a whole new meaning to remote-controlling the entire flow of business operations. Yet, for this, there is an inherent need for data to flow from one system subcomponent of the enterprise to another. There have been traditional software solutions that have empowered one or more parts of operations since past few decades, yet there is lacking a synergy amongst these systems, often leading to hassles of data mismatch over the interfaces. Download this white paper to understand how to overcome the hassles of data mismatch within the network of a distribution enterprise.


When the data runs into huge volumes, a small mismatch, between say the CRM and the ERP software, can result in huge amounts of chaos. This can quickly catapult into the degradation of business services if the error affects delivery systems and cause embarrassment or loss of face in front of partners and perhaps even customers. Often, manual interventions are needed to ensure that data is ported from one account to another across entities that feed into one another. The billing, for instance, needs to collate the data from actual deliveries. Then, an outsourced piece of work in the entire chain could result in creating unmatched data entries. Manual reconciliation is time-consuming, prone to errors and cost-intensive.



  • Intelligence to the rescue

Thankfully, there exist intelligent solutions that aim in bridging this gap. Automation is the key to increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and forming a framework for the total digital integrity of the entire system across the whole enterprise.

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics Suite of software solutions, customized for the distribution industry. This helps to improve the capabilities of the business, not in parts, but as a whole. It is a revolution that is changing the age-old ways of conducting business. Having a holistic view of the real-time movement of goods, personnel, equipment, and data from a simple device like a laptop or a mobile device gives absolute control to users like business leads, operations managers, and strategists.

  • Barriers do not exist

Data, that is seamlessly ported across software interfaces, has the advantage of easy trackability and reliability. The geographical boundaries, varying time-zones across the world, and even multiple language supports are no barriers when it comes to smart integrations based on Dynamics.

  • Unlocks significant capital investment

You can opt for cloud-based systems where you pay only for the services that you use, thereby saving huge costs in investing in experts, software, and equipment needed to support your operations. So, you can scale as you grow. Maintaining the software as per the latest upgraded versions across multiple platforms is best left to the outsourced experts, so you get up-to-date services at all times.

  • Build a global business

The Microsoft Azure Cloud network is compatible with Dynamics AX, GO, NAV, and CRM. These enable distributors to integrate with their existing capabilities such as OneNote, SharePoint, Office 365, etc. to offer seamless international operations, thereby enabling you to have a huge global footprint with partners and customers from across the world.

  • True integration indeed

Inventory management, procurement, order streamlining, shipping, and other aspects of the core distribution systems can work in tandem with essential support systems like financial accounting, employee databases, and CRM. Internal applications like payroll, emailing, intranet, websites etc. can benefit greatly from such smooth interfaces. Thus, the data flowing through all software systems across the board will have centralized storage, eliminating the need for redundant and obsolete data versions.

  • Mould data into useful information - as needed, when needed

This data, when analyzed with data analytical tools, enhances business intelligence to gain deeper insights into inefficiencies and gaps in the whole supply chain. It makes it easier to pull-out periodic and on-demand reports that can be used to observe trends and make realistic predictions & forecasts. Automatic alerts can be attached to key performance indicators for appropriate and timely corrective or preventive actions. It can help you to measure your performance against competition, also spotting opportunities and facilitating growth.

  • It is secure

Secure access control ensures that all the functionaries, such as customer reps, sales staff, and field agents have unified and updated information in a bid to improve services, reduce delays and keep track in real-time.



manufacturing erp migration to the cloud



Warehouse Management, distribution management, and automated workflows are the ultimate tools for distribution organizations to target, plan and scale their business. This white paper details the benefits of such visibility achieved via smart integration for the distributors. Techminds is a solution provider that aims to make this process convenient, cost-effective and customized to your needs. Contact us for a hassle-free digital journey to unprecedented levels of success for your distribution business.


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