How Digital Marketing Creates Attraction for eCommerce Sellers?

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eCommerce Attraction

If you look at the past 10 years, there has been a serious boom with the emergence of eCommerce Businesses. With thousands of eCommerce portals for customers to choose from. The market is flooded with products from nails to brand new cars. In fact, people are addicted to online shopping and can be seen fiddling with their smartphones everywhere!

What’s driving users to these online stores? Online shopping has become much easier today with pocket-friendly options such as Cash on Delivery, attractive offers, EMIs, Credit Cards, and more! Also, neatly designed websites and mobile apps, shopping carts with previous purchase intelligence (to drive people to purchase more products based on their past searches). The industry has already built a rapport between wholesalers and customers with eCommerce as a mediator.

Applying Marketing for eCommerce Platforms

What are the most important areas for an eCommerce platform?

It’s all about:

  1. Consumer Engagement
  2. Customer Discovery and
  3. Customer Retention

There are thousands of features, SKU scopes, and business types available to sellers that simplify the sales experience. However, a newcomer could feel overwhelmed with all these options and a better understanding of eCommerce techniques can help them come up with a perfect choice!

So, what are the essential features for eCommerce


Storefront and Admin Panel are the most essential features that are required for an online business. Storefront is the place that is open for buyers. It’s also known as the virtual store. Users will be able to browse products, their descriptions, pricing, etc. easily. An online seller needs to ensure that the website appearance and navigation have been set perfectly for their customers.

Admin Panel is nothing but the backend area of the online store. This area is for the developers, catalog associates, vendor managers to set up the inventory, stock, pricing, tax details, etc.

Financial management is always taken in the later phase when an online business starts generating a high volume of business. Solutions like x2x eCommerce help in integrating Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP to better manage inventory and financials with ease. For more technical information, follow the next paragraph.

Role of the technology platform for an eCommerce


Well, there are loads of eCommerce platforms available on the market. However, the most renowned solution is Magento. It is an open-source platform that comes with a complete suite for eCommerce businesses. What’s the best part? It has got superior SEO features too! It comes as a basic version along with additional plugins to enhance your online store. Subscribers can manage several storefronts from one single dashboard. Clubbed with x2x eCommerce suite, it comes with customized designs – templates with lots of product attributes. In terms of marketing, it comes with an automated email marketing reminder too! Email Marketing solution with eCommerce platform! Isn’t that great?

Digital Marketing indeed plays a major role in generating traffic to online stores. It highly depends on the nature of your business when choosing a marketing medium. I have come up with a list of items that you can choose from. Some of these could be a game-changer for your business!

Affiliate Marketing

You might be wondering why I haven’t listed SEO as the first item. Indeed, SEO is the backbone for any website. The results of choosing affiliate marketing are overwhelming. There are lots of social influencers, bloggers, digital agencies that are ready to promote your brand on a commission basis. Connect with potential affiliates by offering them a referral fee, thus attracting them to work hard to generate leads to your website.


Seems like this has been the most reliable technique for years. However, SEO cannot help you generate ROI quickly. It helps you drive some of your hottest leads and can generate long-term returns. To increase your website rankings in Google, SEO is essential. Work with the targeted keywords for your website and get onto the first page of Google – there’s no looking back after that!

Content Submissions

There are a couple of websites offering press releases or guest blogs where you can post high-quality content directly reflecting your brand. And don't forget the power of YouTube videos. If you are good at delivering top-class content to top websites, no doubt industry experts will spot your expertise and eventually, rank you better among your competitors.

Feed Marketing

Okay, now this technique would act more like the PPC adverts. Set up a feed allowing your website listings on other major websites – that enhance visibility to a larger audience. These feeds help you generate better results when monitored and optimized actively.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Especially for online stores, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have been the best areas for engaging with audiences. Especially with customer support and the latest offers embedded with these platforms, this will generate a lot of attraction quickly and is most likely to cause a viral impact too! With Facebook alone, there are plenty of potential customers out there for you to take advantage of.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Although PPC is losing its attraction these days, this is one of the most optimizable and trackable marketing campaign techniques. You can display text, banners, and video ads in Google search results, news sites, blogs, and YouTube. What’s the best part? Based on your search history, the videos appear to users targeting the search intelligence mechanism that eventually drives potential customers to your online store! Where can find the best results? Google Shopping and ReMarketing ads help in re-engaging customers who have left your website without making any purchases.

Local Directory Marketing

This is the last option to consider when optimizing your local listings with online platforms such as Foursquare, Yelp, and Google Places. There are lots of city directories you can leverage as well. Please do not post on low-ranking websites as it will adversely affect your brand. If optimized well, your website will be visible for shoppers looking for information.

Why consider an eCommerce Inventory Management Tool?

x2x eCommerce is the first and the only solution to add an eCommerce module to Dynamics GP and it uses the latest and most comprehensive web front components provided by Magento eCommerce. Companies hire over 10 Catalog Associates to get their online store inventory updated properly. It takes hours to fix them as lots of manual interventions are required. With the x2x eCommerce suite, all your inventory can be managed within minutes! Get all your inventory details on a spreadsheet, import them to the solution, and voila, all your product data goes into the storefront in a matter of minutes! How easy is that?

Apart from the above, x2x eCommerce consists of the following features:

  1. Lot Number Tracking
  2. Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  3. Professional Analytical Services

Want to know more about the x2x eCommerce suite? Give us a call at +18889293266 or request a quick call with our experts at

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