Adding a Workflow to Edit Employee Profiles

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With the recent release of Dynamics GP 2016, Self-Service User Type was introduced. This user type was added to give employees within organizations extremely limited access into the Dynamics GP. Access limitations to tasks which are considered to be self-service in nature. These tasks include, entering timesheets, changing personal information, printing an earnings statement, and changes to benefit enrollment and more.

In order to use the self-service user type, an employee must be linked to a user id. This limits the user’s set of employee records to their own relevant information.

Below is an example where Pilar Ackerman has been linked to a specific GP User ID.


Dynamics GP security for self-service employees includes a common set self-service roles from which you can pick any combination of those pre-defined for self-service users.

  Example of the ESS Employee Role.


When the self-service user is inside Dynamics GP, they can open windows that show only their personal information.

  Change Bank Account Number.


  Add Skills and Training.


The Employee Profile shows the current information but it cannot be changed by the user.

You would expect that if a user has permission to change bank account and add skills and training that they would also be able to change their address.

The user has been granted access to the Employee Profile. Why can’t these fields be changed by the employee?

  Security set shows Employee Profile.


An Employee Profile workflow must be setup and actively configured for an Employee to change their profile information.

The workflow has been configured as follows.


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By Deb Sletmoen, MCT, Implementation Specialists – Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Partner with Advanced ERP Competency and Source Code Provider

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