4 Reasons Why E-Commerce and ERP are Made for Each Other

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Enterprise resource planning is not just for internal work functions. Integrating your ERP with e-commerce can make managing your customer-facing work much easier and more reliable, through automation and real-time updates. If you sell products online, using ERP for retail business can help you manage your revenue streams more efficiently and effectively.

1. Inventory Levels
One of the most frustrating aspects of online commerce for both businesses and customers is the inability to manage inventory. As customers take orders, any system that does not connect to your inventory is built to create problems. If you integrate your ERP with your e-commerce, though, the system tracks purchases against your inventory in real time. This allows you to immediately inform customers if a product is out of stock, and helps protect your reputation among those customers.

2. Revenue in Real Time
Because ERP for retail business can update your sales numbers automatically, you no longer have to play catch-up on your revenue reporting. You can simply run a report for a certain time period and determine your revenue at any given moment. Automation brings the information faster and more accurately, because it takes away the risk of missed reporting that a manual compilation creates. You can report and plan with confidence that you have all of the current information available at any given time.

3. Automated Customer Updates
Beyond helping you keep track of information, ERP for retail business lets your customers stay up to date on the status of their orders. When you automate customer updates, you both keep the most anxious customers satisfied and free up your customer service team to handle real problems instead of answering order status questions. You can staff more precisely by reducing the unknown number of calls you may have to field.

4. Scale to Demand
Finally, automating more e-commerce functions in your organization allows you to scale up and down to customer demand without heavy fluctuations in your work team. ERP software works at different demand levels equally well, so you can adjust smoothly and effectively without straining your available resources.
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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why E-Commerce and ERP are Made for Each Other”

  1. ERP systems like NetSuite can be great to streamline your business and increase satisfaction, especially if implemented properly with an alliance partner like Folio3.

  2. This is true businesse which manufacture goods and sale it on their own e-commerce plafform other than B2B sales or B2C sales is no differnt, ERP and E-Commerce are integral part of each other.

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