Troubleshoot Tuesday: How to Override this Common SmartConnect Error

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 by Taek Kim

Error Message: “This record is currently being edited by another user.”

Today we’ll deal with an issue that plagues many SmartConnect users that can be resolved fairly quickly. When a user doesn’t properly log out of a map, the error message below might appear for the next user who wants to use that same map.

When this window pops up, click on yes to view the SmartConnect activity window. This will show you all the maps that users are currently logged into.

**If the activity window is no longer available, click on the first tab – Map and then Activity

Highlight the map and click on the minus sign. You’ll get another pop-up box stating, “Are you sure you would like to delete this record”. Click yes, and then ok in the activity window. That’s it! You now have access to the map.

**Please note: by removing the user from the map, you are not deleting the user or the map.

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