Relieve This Payroll Challenge Once and For All

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Relieve This Payroll Challenge Once and For AllMany employees take extended vacation during the summer months. That means their colleagues are picking up the slack and taking on tasks that can’t be put on hold. Recording time and expenses for employees that work across several departments or cost centers is a time-intensive process. Relieve this common payroll challenge once and for all with this simple, yet powerful, add-on solution.

Smart Labor Management Is a Smart Strategy

Managing labor resources is a smart strategy employed by businesses of all sizes and types. Sharing employees across the organization makes sense and is certainly more affordable than hiring more people. It’s common for employees to work on multiple projects, for multiple departments or across multiple locations. Sharing talented employees across an organization ensures that the skills of your team are optimized and that labor usage is maximized. This strategic use of resources is also good for the bottom line.

However, labor management causes problems in the payroll department. Timesheets become complicated as employees log time for both billable and non-billable work, different departments and expenses that may cross an array of cost centers. Trying to keep track of this information with basic accounting systems or manually is time-consuming. Delays with getting updated time and expense spending back to the project managers puts budgets at risk. Each of these situations can easily turn a benefit into a burden.

How to Control Complicated Time and Expense Management

There is a more efficient way to manage employee costs across multiple cost centers. Employee Accounts and Splits seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and delivers time-saving automation and accuracy to this common, complicated payroll process. As employees work across your organization, you can automatically split their time by percentage based on department, position, pay code or general ledger account. Similarly, tax and benefit expenses are allocated in the same way, including period-end distributions for FUTA, SUTA and Workers’ Comp expenses. Once you establish the setup records, you can assign that same setup code to an additional employee or all employees that may use that split code in the future.

Control Payroll Challenges with Ease

Processing payroll is rarely as straight forward as most business leaders expect. Businesses often have unique client services, employee benefit programs and other variables that complicate payroll operations. Identify your challenges and contact Integrity Data for guidance with deploying Employee Accounts and Splits and other solutions that will streamline these business-critical tasks.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois


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