How Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help You Predict the Future

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Power BI easily gives you the ability to analyze and visualize your data from Microsoft Dynamics GP by simply opening an app. This cloud-based service is available anywhere you have a smart device and provides charts, graphs, and projections of your company’s future financial standings.

Thanks to Power BI, you’ll have an upper hand on your competition with insights that can help you make smarter purchasing and staffing choices. Not only can you view your data directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP, but you can also integrate data from other sources such as Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Excel, and many more.

The data that flows into Power BI doesn’t have to only come from online cloud solutions. Power BI has the ability to read and display data from both on-premise software and apps in the cloud.

Revenue and profitability in Power BI

By analyzing your constantly changing data you can determine

  • Which items are the most profitable
  • At which points you can reduce your staffing level
  • Where your sales are the strongest
  • Where you have the potential to lose money
  • Etc

You can then generate and share professional, pre-built reports based on your audience – whether that be team members, leadership, or even board members.

Power BI also gives you the ability to ask questions or search for the information you’re specifically looking for. The system will then display the answer and the data you need.

Microsoft Power BI easy search

There really is no limit to what you can do with your data in Power BI. The desktop version of Power BI is available at no cost and Power BI Pro with more functionality is available at only $9.99/month per user.

You can get started in seconds and if you need help, contact the professionals at Stoneridge Software. We can help you create any reports that aren’t out of the box or help connect any data to your Power BI dashboards.

Microsoft Power BI

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