Labelmaster and Sana Commerce: Integrated E-Commerce in Action

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Replacing an Old Web Store

Labelmaster has been the go-to source for companies needing to comply with the constantly changing regulations governing dangerous goods and hazardous materials for over 50 years. And for the past 10 years their clients have been able to order their products through their web store.

Hazmat labels, UN-certified packaging, regulatory publications and more: Labelmaster’s clients could buy it all online, easily and conveniently. Unfortunately, the decade-old setup was less convenient for Labelmaster: they were operating out of 16 different databases and several different systems.

What this meant in practice was that they were managing web images in one place and additional marketing content in another. Counter-intuitive, time-consuming, and above all error-prone: this setup resulted in inconsistencies between information in Labelmaster’s print catalog, web store, and customer service portal.

It was time for a change.



E-Commerce With a Single Source of Truth

10 years is a long time in any industry, but it’s practically an eternity in IT.

The systems that comprised Labelmaster’s old e-commerce setup were standalone and heavily customized. So not only was the technology itself no longer cutting-edge, the entire philosophy behind it no longer fit today’s increasingly diverse and integrated e-commerce landscape.

The same was also true for Labelmaster’s ERP system. The company seized upon this opportunity to update their IT infrastructure, focusing on creating a single source of truth. They made this a reality by selecting Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their new ERP, and Sana Commerce as their new web store solution.



Dynamics NAV and Sana Commerce: a Powerful Combination

Sana Commerce was developed to integrate seamlessly with ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It uses the business logic and data stored in your ERP to create a powerful, user-friendly web store that acts as a perfect extension of your established commercial processes.


The fact that Sana Commerce reuses existing logic and data instead of replicating it offers many benefits. For instance, there is a lot less maintenance required: all data is stored — and therefore maintained — in a single location. The real-time connection means that you’re always working with accurate, up-to-date information. And, of course, that you no longer need to manually rekey orders into your ERP.


How Labelmaster Benefits From Integrated E-Commerce

With their new, ERP-driven approach to e-commerce, Labelmaster has succeeded in making their e-commerce setup just as beneficial for them as for their clients.

  • Improved infrastructure. Labelmaster has achieved 100% integration of all databases and systems, and all code is modern, reliable and bug-free.
  • Data management. All supporting content can now be managed in one location. This minimizes duplication, and has reduced maintenance time by a third.
  • Order processing. Orders placed online are immediately written back to Dynamics NAV, speeding up processing and reducing overhead costs.

Labelmaster’s strategic decision to integrate its business and all working pieces under a single umbrella, Dynamics NAV, has more than paid off. Their new approach to online ordering has helped them become a much more efficient business. But they have also made dangerous goods transportation less complex with an engaging web portal for clients that lets them find the products, services and software they need.

10 years ago, Labelmaster started selling online to meet their clients’ demands. With their new integrated web store, they will continue to exceed client expectations for years to come.


Learn More About Integrated E-Commerce

We’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits of ERP-integrated e-commerce. Find out how you can improve navigation, personalize marketing, simplify complex pricing in your web store and more in your free copy of the Integration Benefits Guide.

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