Four Pillars of a Solid eCommerce Customer Experience

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You’ve got the products. You’ve got the logistics. You’ve got the store. Now how do you keep your eCommerce clients coming back for more?

Customer experience.

Think of what makes good offline shopping stand out: easy-to-find product placement throughout the store; clear and simple pricing and return policies; friendly, helpful staff on hand to answer questions and take your order. If you’re a regular, they let you know about new items that might interest you, as well as specials on products you like.

The principles of a winning eCommerce customer experience are pretty much the same.

Make It Quick

Your clients should always be able to find what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible. Obviously, high-quality product images are crucial… but they’re not enough.

Detailed product specs and attributes can tell the customer far more than a picture and a simple description. This is especially true for B2B, where products can be extremely detailed and complex.

As such, your web store needs refined search tools that can guide the client directly to what they want. Being able to search products not only by name but by category, attribute and even brand will help clients find and compare products with precision.

Make It Easy

If your customer has a good experience the first time, chances are they’ll be back. Keep your clients’ past purchases visible from the moment they log in so they can re-order right away.

Better yet, offer them an automatic re-order option so that they can schedule future purchases without having to think about it.

On the flip side, if your customer needs to return a product, make the process as simple as possible by letting them manage the return request online.

Make It Personal

Client accounts are where the customer experience really starts getting personal.

As your B2B customer relationships grow, you can create personalized catalogs based on clients’ purchase profiles, offer them special pricing and exclusive web promotions.

This personal touch can make all the difference between you and the impersonal competition. It strengthens your customer relationships because it is more than just a convenience: it makes them feel appreciated and builds loyalty in the long term.

Make It Helpful

You might not be able to provide your clients with virtual store clerks to assist with purchases. But you can come pretty close by giving them multiple ways of reaching you.

A phone number with office hours, contact address and email are generally considered the minimum. Most web stores also offer an on-site question and comment page and link to the company’s social media touchpoints.

But you can take your clients’ customer experience to the next level with an online chat service. This not only adds a human touch but makes you and your support staff available to help the instant your client needs anything.

At the end of the day, building a positive customer experience is detail work. So splurge on the details.

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