Is cloud-based ERP giving the much-needed boost to the distribution sector?

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Is cloud-based ERP giving the much-needed boost to the distribution sector?


Distribution sector is a key link in the business chain. Global competition and shrinking profit margins are now aggressively pushing the need for distribution systems, big or small, to jump on to the cloud services for reaping far-reaching rewards.  Whether it is the saving of costs, increase in productivity, enhanced visibility, or making informed decisions, cloud is definitely a powerful tool, making its strong headway into the very heartlands of the distribution ecosystem.

When the traditional ERP systems were adopted by the enterprises in distribution domain, the advantages were obvious for all and sundry.  Besides streamlining all the departments and ensuring seamless communication across the board, ERP systems promote visibility and automation. Getting on to the cloud-based ERP is obviously the next logical and intuitive step in this direction.



Why cloud-ERP delivers even more opportunities?

In today’s world of disruptions, cloud systems have been rewriting the rules of how distribution business is conducted. When the margins are low and the efficiency needs to be high, cloud solutions seem like the natural and intelligent options to migrate to.

Here are some of the takeaways particular to distributors from cloud-ERP systems:

  • Instant Dashboards

Real-time updates and greater in-depths into the supply chain promote transparency, tighter control, and reliability. This ensures that stakeholders and decision-makers get a holistic view of what’s happening on the ground.

  • Efficient inventory

With greater visibility comes greater control. This is true for inventory management systems that are riding on the cloud platform systems. Optimization of inventory holdups can improve the overall inventory management, reduce redundant costs & wastage, and thus provide the perfect playing field for on-demand business models.

  • Automation equates to error-free!

Perhaps one of the most beneficial results is the process workflow that gets completely automated via the ERP. The entire cycle across the board has the potential to be fully automated for reliable and hassle-free tracking.


Leaders of the cloud

Of course, there are many players out there claiming to provide cutting-edge solutions for distributors, but few emerge as favorites for businesses around the globe. The impressive footprint of products like Microsoft Azure and Dynamics NAV in the industry is not perchance.

Existing processes, systems and software like CRM, Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint, Word, Office Suite etc. are seamlessly integrated with Dynamics NAV. Hence the all-in-one bundle runs through distribution, procurement, inventory, CRM, financial systems and the other business processes integrated for convenience. The unifying solution can boost the method of conducting intelligent and smart business.

A sure-shot winner

The Microsoft community and the plethora of software tools pave the way for a truly integrated approach to all aspects of a distribution system. A stronger collaboration can be based on trust which comes from the free flow of accurate information between the partnering entities. Microsoft’s cloud solutions give precisely this trust backed on which business synergies can be built.

To sum it all up

Techminds is a solutions leader when it comes to tailoring the Microsoft Dynamics ERP for meeting specific business requirements. We architect the best-fit solutions at reduced costs for you, offering customization, implementation, configuration, training, and support in real-time to support your business operations and fuel your growth. To learn more, download the white paper now!

Our aim is to bridge the gap between best-in-class IT products and the specific needs of our clients, seamlessly and in a hassle-free manner.

We have strategic partnerships with the leaders of cutting-edge technology products that can enable you to reach the full potential of your distribution business.  Contact us for getting a competitive advantage with Microsoft cloud-based solutions.


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