Associating a Person/Worker with a User ID in Dynamics 365

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How to associate a Person/Worker with a User ID in Dynamics 365

In Microsoft Dynamic AX 2012, a user ID must be associated with a worker to complete task such as approving a journal entry. Similarly, Dynamic 365 will have a user ID associated with a person. After the person is added, do the following steps to associate a User ID with a person.

  • Navigate to: System Administration > Users > Users
  • Find the user ID that needs an associated person. Click the hyperlink user ID.

  • User 'Person' locate the name and click select.

  • Click 'Save' to save your changes.

  • The user ID is now associated with a person.




This article was written by Columbus Global. Columbus is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner.

4 thoughts on “Associating a Person/Worker with a User ID in Dynamics 365”

  1. Hello

    If you delete a user before removing the person record, upon re-importing the user the person record is still linked to the old account and you cannot select it again. Is there any way around this?



      1. Hello.

        Can you help me with this. I have same problem with Human Resources. I delete user, but I don't remove relation between the user and the worker in the Maintain versions.

        Now. I want to add that user again, but I cant find him in Person tab.

        Is there any way I can correct this? Can you help me?

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