Stay Connected With Employees This Summer With Employee E-Mail Suite

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Stay Connected With Employees This Summer With Employee E-Mail SuiteSchool is out and summer vacations are getting booked. While your employees are away, work doesn’t stop. It can be difficult to stay connected with employees during the summer months. Instead of stuffing envelopes or passing papers through interoffice mail, save time and effort by deploying the Employee E-Mail Suite. This secure system will expedite the processes, freeing up time for your human resources and payroll teams who may also enjoy a few days off this summer.

Communication is essential for a productive and efficient workforce all year long. When spring fever hits and employees begin to plan trips for summer vacations, the lines of communication become stressed. Important corporate news and changes aren’t going to wait until everyone is in the office. It’s also risky to assume employees know what important changes are taking place if you rely on interoffice mail or weekly meetings to disseminate information. There is a better way to deliver information to employees and it will also save valuable time and money.

Deliver Information To Employees No Matter Where They Are Located

Employee E-Mail Suite is an efficient way to securely e-mail information to every employee in your corporation. You can use this solution to automatically email direct deposit earnings statements, W-2, and 1095-C statements. In addition, you can also send important employee-specific files, company documents or other notices. Whether it’s time to share an annual financial report, updating travel and expense policies, or making other announcements, you can send them via email instead of stuffing this information in envelopes.

Statements and information sent through Employee E-Mail Suite is sent in the form of a password-protected document, specifically an encrypted Adobe PDF. Employees will create and use their own specific password to open the document. There is no web portal to log into in order to view or download the document. Employees can receive and view documents on any electronic device, including smartphones and tablets, which means they will see documents when they are working at home or remotely. An optional archiving process will store certain documents, like W-2 or 1095-C forms, in case a re-issue is needed.

Stay connected with employees this summer and make sure everyone has the information they need to work productively. Contact Integrity Data for more information about Employee E-Mail Suite and other time-saving payroll solutions, such as Paycheck What If Calculator and Negative Payroll Transactions.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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