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In bridging the gap between the implementation team and the end users, super users are essential to the successful implementation of a new business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365. As they are ultimately responsible for the adoption of the solution within your organization, their role is crucial to ensure that the system meets the expectations of both management and end users, and that potential issues are identified and corrected prior to the launch.


The role of the super user

Super users are the designated resources within your organization who will learn how the new system works and transfer that knowledge to end users. They will become your internal experts on the system and its implementation. As they become familiar with the solution, they will be called upon for testing and troubleshooting, as well as for identifying errors and inefficient workflows. They will also assist the implementation team with corrections prior to the launch of the solution and give final approval for delivery.

As such, super users need a firm grasp of the current situation and of the project’s objectives. They should have a level of technical skill high enough to navigate the new system, learn how it works, and teach it to others after receiving training from the implementation team. These resources therefore need to fully understand the processes and workflows of the new solution. The user adoption rate hinges heavily on them, as other employees will learn how to use the features of the new system and how to make the most of them from super users.


What makes a good super user?

When choosing your super users, you should look for resources with good communication and teaching skills. Since they will greatly influence whether the solution is ultimately accepted or rejected by the team, leadership is also very important, as end users can often resist change or struggle to learn new technology.

Furthermore, super users need the technical know-how required not only to properly identify issues and bugs, but also to communicate their importance to the implementation team so that they can correct them in order of priority. They also need to be able to address any non-technical issue, request or concern from the team and escalate them to the proper managers or the supplier.

In short, super users are crucial to any implementation project since they are instrumental in identifying issues and resolving them as well as keeping channels of communication open between the project management team and the end users. They ensure that the solution meets expectations upon launch and that end users understand how to use it and how they will benefit from it. Designating super users with good technical skills, leadership, and a positive approach will do wonders in ensuring that your implementation project is successful.


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By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP integration specialist in Quebec

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