One Simple Strategy Shift for Social Media Success

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Imagine the world’s largest shopping mall, with hundreds of millions of customers from all over the world strolling the mezzanine 24 hours a day, all year round.

Better known as social media.

For B2C web stores, the ultimate mall metaphor is as close to literal as you can get: set up a Facebook store, launch an ad campaign, and do business through your platform directly.

But social is equally important for B2B entrepreneurs, even without quick sales through clients’ newsfeeds.


With the sheer level of activity on Twitter, Instagram, and the like, it’s impossible to overstate the power of a well-designed social media strategy. But the key to this strategy, especially for B2B companies, is not so much grabbing leads and making sales.
It’s about gaining exposure.

Okay, so you sell concrete. Or pencils. Or medical equipment. Too many B2B web stores fall into the trap of assuming they’re too “boring” for a big social presence.

Your business is more than your products. Social media gives you a unique opportunity to share your company’s vision, values, and story.

Think of how social users craft their image with the content they post every day. Every song, video clip, news story, political cartoon, and meme they share says something about them: their sense of humor, what they like, what they’re good at, what they care about.

Over time, this content becomes a form of personal branding that shapes the impression other social users have of them.

The same holds true for your business.

That doesn’t mean you should start posting cat pictures. But you shouldn’t just be tweeting holiday promotions, either. Share articles relevant to your industry. Post updates on charities you support.

Or showcase your clients. Concrete can end up in breathtaking architecture; pencils in classrooms; medical equipment at the forefront of exciting new breakthroughs.

With each post, think about who will see it, and what impression it will give them of your company. You may not be making direct sales, but you will be building up your presence in future clients’ minds.

If you’re an industry expert, share your expertise. Add your voice to conversations where you can establish your knowledge and experience.

Take it a step further and share expert content from other business… and then watch them return the favor.

You can even make it fun. Post a picture and have a caption contest, where the top comment gets a company t-shirt.

The strategy will differ from one business to another, as will the platforms used and the options they offer. But regardless of platform, social media presents an unparalleled opportunity to give your company a presence and a personality online.

Which makes it an indispensable tool for B2B eCommerce.

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