How Can Distribution Organizations Achieve their Desired Business Outcomes with Dynamics 365?

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For distribution companies to sustain competitive advantage, digital transformation is not only essential but vital for your future success. This digital shift reflects your opportunity to grow, adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of your customers, and the new business opportunities of tomorrow, by thinking and operating like a digital business.


Previously we discussed How Dynamics 365 is making the next generation of distributors more successful, specifically highlighting the business impacts that businesses can expect from investing in Dynamics 365.


Prior to making any technology investments, the first key decision your organization will need to make is selecting a deployment partner. Choosing a partner with deep business and technical industry expertise is the key to a successful implementation.


In a previous article, Western Computer discussed the reasons so many organizations are utilizing less than 70% of their ERP solution.


Working with a deployment partner that has in-depth industry knowledge will ensure that you get the most value from your ERP investment, and that it is configured specifically to your industry business outcomes.


‘A marriage of our customer’s business knowledge and Western Computer’s product
and industry knowledge is what brings it together for a successful deployment,'
says Katherine Turner-Lawrence VP Sales & Marketing, Western Computer.


For example, ensuring your eCommerce platform delivers a great customer experience is vital for differentiation. Effective integration to the back office to deliver the right data to your customers is becoming increasingly important.


By 2020, customer experience will overtake price & product as the key brand differentiator*


Dynamics 365 Connects All Areas of Your Distribution Operations
Dynamics 365 Connects All Areas of Your Distribution Operations


Customers are more likely to reorder from you if their goods are delivered the next day but without the added costs of overnight shipping. By using the right mix of carriers and warehouse locations, you can get next-day deliveries to your customers by primarily using ground shipping.


Dynamics 365 is not the ‘old school’ ERP solution


‘New age’ distribution companies who are used to using cutting edge technology are, for the first time, considering Dynamics 365 to provide the right solutions for their organization. This is due to the modern interfaces for integration and the different set of technology implications in how ERP can be more integrated it into the rest of their business. Dynamics 365 matches the internal technology stack being used by these organizations and, as such, enables them to build and deliver solutions in this holistic environment.


This newer technology from Microsoft is not only built on their common data services mode, allowing data types to flow directly across other Microsoft software tools, but it also has the device interoperability capability that innovative organizations are expecting. Dynamics 365 can be rapidly deployed across multiple platforms (Apple, Android, Microsoft) making it easier for ‘Bring You Own Device’ organizations to leverage different operating systems across devices at home and at work. These deployment options were not previously possible in a ‘old school’ ERP word.


Western Computer can help you deliver this promise to your customers. Contact us today to get started.


References: CEI Survey conducted by Harris Interactive


by Western Computer

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