Fast - growing trend: renting vs. buying equipment

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Purchasing equipment as a company often involves large down payments. On top of that, every purchase comes with extra costs, such as insurances, taxes, licenses, maintenance etc. This means that you need some solid capital.

Especially for start-ups and small to midsize companies, the purchase process can be both costly and time-consuming. All financial, legal, and logistical details must be covered submitting a final bid. Companies are increasingly turning to equipment rental as a simpler, less expensive alternative.


Image 1: Save a lot of bureaucratic "red tape".

When renting, you pay only for the tools you need, and when and how long you need it. Rental contracts are simple, making it very easy for every kind of company to move efficiently through the rental process. You do not need big investments and you havedelivery at the right time and location. Furthermore, because everything is pre-arranged, you and your company save a lot of bureaucratic "red tape".

If business slows down, you can simply return your rented equipment

When you own your tools and machinery you need to take care of everything. You arrange the transportation and periodic maintenance. It's your responsibility to make sure pre- and post-delivery inspections are complete. Plus, your business model must incorporate best practices for all these activities.

If you rent your equipment you do not have to worry at all about this. The rental company makes sure your equipment is ready to use and will transport it whenever you need it. Finally,you have the latest tools and machinery available, because rental companies upgrade their inventory frequently. This fast-growing trend is important for every company that is using equipment and also for equipment dealers. Rental offers your business a major opportunity to ensure you offer the latest models to your customers.

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