Beat the competition with responsive web design and x2x eCommerce for Dynamics GP

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Beat the competition with responsive web design and x2x eCommerce for Dynamics GP
Beat the competition with responsive web design and x2x eCommerce for Dynamics GP


Responsive web designs for eCommerce sites are intelligent designs. Responsive designs have the ability to adjust themselves based on the device being used to access the website or eCommerce web store.

The Growing Popularity of Mobile devices

With the Smartphone gaining more popularity, about 60% of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices. The screen size and layout of mobile devices is different from Desktop or Laptops. As such, the regular layout designed based on computer layout are hard to read on the mobile phones and tablets.

Different Layouts merged into one

Responsive themes have separate layout for different kind of devices inbuilt into one theme. The theme is intelligent to identify the device being used and display the appropriate layout.

Responsive web design is not just one design.It is a combination of multiple individual web designs one for each kind of device. The design is intelligent to display the web design based on the device. This gives a rich user experience allowing the customer to review and compare product and pricing and to place an order, with ease.

The Opportunity Cost

With 2/3rd of the traffic coming from mobile, the opportunity cost of not being able to welcome those visitors is staggering. Using a responsive theme means that you are welcoming those visitors and want to offer them a pleasant shopping experience.

Finding the right theme

Making major modifications to a Responsive theme will disturb its responsiveness. It would be much cheaper to create a new theme from scratch instead of making significant modification to a responsive theme.

Therefore, it is important to find a responsive theme that is close to your requirements and does not require major modifications.  X2X eCommerce provide you with a huge selection of responsive themes to choose from and one for sure will meet your requirements.

How much does it worth to you?

Ensuring that eCommerce site is responsive means that the organization is serious about its longevity. Therefore, giving potential customers the ability to browse in mobile friendly format will bring more sales. As a result, you will be able to retain more visitors at your site. You will also be able to capture the traffic destined to the competitor’s site to give you higher sales, profits, and ROI.

 X2X eCommerce for Dynamics GP help you beat the competition by offering a huge selection of 100% Responsive themes thereby allowing you to build a Webstore that can get you 3x more sales than the competition and have 50% lower total cost of ownership (TCO). For more details, please visit or call us @ 877-927-2927

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