PTO Manager vs. Standard Human Resources Module in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The starter pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP includes the Human Resources and Payroll modules that allow you to easily account for vacation and sick time. Each employee’s profile can be customized to how much vacation time they can accrue overall. Drawbacks to this system include the inability to change the level of accrual based on hours or years worked, and no seniority level customizations.

PTO Manager goes beyond the functionality included in the starter pack and allows you to:

  • Set up multiple vacation/sick accrual types
  • Set maximum hours, and also carry over hours
  • Set vacation pending time and buckets
    • Vacation pending is when an employee starts accruing PTO upon hire, but must wait until a certain time frame has passed to use the hours.
  • And there’s no need to setup time codes
  • With no separate accrual process
  • Automatically post when payroll posts

While HR time and attendance has up to 24 different “buckets” for time off accrual, PTO Manager only has two – one for sick, one for vacation. While two works for most companies, others need more.

Unlike HR, with PTO Manager you don’t have to set up or assign time codes, making the setup process much simpler.

PTO Manager accrual set up
Example of accrual set up based by years of service

Save yourself time with PTO Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Learn more by contacting Stoneridge Software.

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