Mobile Technology for Construction: Connect People, Projects, and Data

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Construction companies often have employees working from job sites or hotels even more than in the office. A dispersed workforce doesn’t have to be difficult to coordinate or manage. You need the strong collaborative business management tools that will connect your people, projects, and processes from anywhere, on any device and at any time. Provide project-related information to employees no matter where they are working by deploying a unified, centralized management solution.

Skilled employees and contractors in the construction industry need current, reliable project information, which is difficult to get when they are working from the project site or after hours at the hotel. Calling the office to get information and searching through paperwork eats up valuable time, which could impact project budgets and frustrate customers.

Mobile Technology for Construction
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Download “Are You Ready for the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry?” to learn why many construction companies are turning to more mobile technology, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, to deliver anywhere, anytime access to important project information.

Deliver Anywhere, Anytime Access to Construction Project Data With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Centralizing business and project information within a comprehensive, integrated solution saves valuable time and improves productivity in this mobile world. Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier for employees and contractors to enter, access and share project documents, budgets, and deliverables. Workflows streamline and expedite document management from RFPs and RFQs to contracts, change orders and invoices. All submittals and transmittals can be tracked to ensure your people are working from the most current documents and project information.

Arming field teams with mobile access to real-time project data will improve asset management and productivity, as well as keep projects on the right track toward meeting key time and budget milestones. Dashboards support data-driven decisions and keep your employees connected to experts and contractors while onsite. Your team will be able to respond faster to changes or exceptions and reduce the risk of common project delays and disruptions.

  • Drag-and-drop schedule boards optimize resource management.
  • Set up and monitor schedules across projects and departments.
  • Balance workloads for employees, contractors, and assets to improve utilization and ensure that high-value customers are prioritized appropriately.
  • Let employees enter time and expenses from the field to expedite the billing process.


As you can imagine, modern mobile technology, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 strengthens the connections between your people, projects, and processes to boost productivity and profit for your construction enterprise. Download the eBook and contact Stoneridge Software for additional information about the mobile options built into cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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