Discover Major Benefits of E-Commerce Integration with ERP

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E-commerce is here to stay. It has proved to be convenient, affordable and reliable, and consumers are heartily adopting it. It’s imperative that businesses that want to compete stay up to date. If yours is an internet retail business, your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution affords a solid foundation for managing your e-commerce operations. Your ERP can easily integrate with a Product Information Management (PIM) system to provide your customers with a seamless e-commerce experience.

Discover the major benefits of integrating your e-commerce store with your ERP solution

The world of online buying is fast-paced and rapidly evolving. If your software isn’t up to date, customers may have trouble finding and acting on the information they need to complete a sale. If your e-commerce site isn’t easy to use, they will turn instead to your competitors.

And customers aren’t the only ones interested in a seamless e-commerce experience; your IT, accounting, sales and customer service teams must be able to easily enter information, respond to customer needs, and stay on top of inventory and fulfillments.

Your ERP system is essential for building a strong and profitable business. It contains abundant critical data about customers, suppliers, inventory, distribution, sales, and orders. Much of this same data is used in e-commerce, but if the systems can’t talk to each other, your people are likely reentering material from ERP into e-commerce and vice versa.  The IT department also spends twice the time customizing integrations to try to get the two to cooperate.

An integrated e-commerce platform will utilize the data, relationships, catalogs and categorization that is already in your ERP and make it available where it is needed without the time, resources and risk of having to enter it into two systems.

A turnkey solution enables you to simplify and streamline how you manage warehouse operations, fulfillment, back-office operations, financials, e-commerce, PIM, customer service and more.

Download our PDF: “42 Benefits of E-Commerce Built for Your ERP System: The Integration Guide,” provided by our partner Sana Commerce and find out how to maximize your ERP investment with a powerful, integrated e-commerce solution.


Give customers the information they need

The information already contained in your ERP is information your customers can use. While protecting data that they shouldn’t have access to, you can allow them to have product information and pictures, details regarding their account and purchase history, shipping and handling costs and guidelines and any other information that will make their shopping experience less stressful and more enjoyable. All this can be accessed directly by the customer without the necessity of calling in and waiting for a customer service rep.

Provide a Personalized Customer Experience

In addition to information access, customers will appreciate an e-commerce site with simple navigation and personalized processes. If you make it easy to shop, you’re more likely to retain your customers. Personalization means you can provide select marketing messages to trigger sales with specific customers or promote certain products. Provide your repeat customers with personalized order and pricing information based on their order history or existing contractual arrangements, while also offering different product and pricing information to different online web stores or to new prospects. Automating these processes will save valuable time and resources both for you and for your customers.


A turnkey e-commerce solution will connect the data, process, and people from across your business and provide online customers with a seamless, personalized shopping experience. With your ERP solution as the foundation, you can grow an efficient, profitable e-commerce business.


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