Switching Document Process Transmission: Manual to Automatic

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Some of us have grown up only knowing one type of car transmission. In my case, automatic. If you’ve ever had to go from driving manual to a car with automatic transmission, you know that there’s a physical switch, as well as a mental switch, that needs to happen before you become comfortable with the change.

The same goes for companies that are transitioning from manual data entry and paper-based processes to a paperless automation/document management solution, like MetaViewer. While manual data entry is tedious and time consuming, many organizations have honed their manual procedures and can’t imagine doing anything different, even if automating would save them time and money. Manual data entry is like a security blanket – it’s comfortable and makes you feel in control of your processes. Like switching cars, employees need to adjust to the impending changes.

The first change that needs to happen is mental. While you may be comfortable with manual data entry, you have to recognize that new software increases visibility and efficiency, while also allowing you to streamline processes and increase ROI. Yes, it works even if you don’t touch it! The discomfort you may initially feel when switching gears will quickly lead to faster and more accurate information processing. And before you know it, these new processes will be the norm and you won’t be able to imagine going back to manual.

Now it’s time to make the physical change, and that means implementing software and procedural changes. Find a software vendor that will work with you to not just install a document management system, but help you adjust to the inevitable changes that are coming your way. A good partner or vendor will help train you and your staff, adjust and configure the software to meet your unique business needs and make sure you have the necessary support for ongoing assistance and software updates.

Getting used to new procedures and processes can be difficult, but we think that switching gears is well worth the transition in the long-run. Are you considering changing your accounts payable, accounts receivable or human resources departments from paper-based to paperless? Our team is here to help you go from manual to automatic!

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