KNOW, a Free Report Library, is Coming to KEY2ACT

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Gina Renner from KEY2ACT gave an interview at the recent GP user conference about the future of KEY2ACT, including a new report library.

She announced a new app called KNOW, which is set to release on May 1. KNOW is a new business intelligence offering from KEY2ACT which is built using Microsoft Power BI Pro.  KNOW provides existing customers access to a report library created for Signature Service Management and Job Cost.   These reports contain visualizations of important data elements and are intended to be used to create or enhance persona-driven dashboards. The goal is getting the right information in front of the right decision maker to support the operational needs of the business.

The first report library will contain the following reports:

  • Job Actual vs Forecasted Cost
  • Job Anticipated Profit Loss
  • Job Cash Flow
  • Job Change Orders
  • Job Contract Earned by Year and Period
  • Job Created Completed Closed Count by Period
  • Job Over-Under Billed
  • Maintenance Contract Statistics
  • Service Call Profitability
  • Service Call Progress
  • Service Call Statistics
  • Service Calls Created Over Time
  • Technician Forecast
  • Technician Statistics

If you would like help with your KEY2ACT software system or have questions about the report library, KNOW, feel free to reach out to us.

report library KNOW from Key2Act

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